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      Believe CD
      by Orianthi
    Our Price: $9.09 CD / $7.59 MP3
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    With her mind-blowing mix of heavy metal guitar prowess and bluesy, soulful vocals, Orianthi will draw some justifiably well-earned comparisons to such giants of rock guitar as Jimi Hendrix and, her own idol, Carlos Santana. On her 2009 sophomore album, BELIEVE, her style hews closer to the finger-frenetic pyrotechnics of such '70s and '80s icons as Eddie Van Halen and Steve Vai. Throw in her ability to sell a lyric and carry a strong melodic vocal phrase while also throwing down some devastating slabs of heavy metal riffage, and she starts to look a lot like the fantasy love child of Prince and Lita Ford. What's even more delicious is how, at face value, BELIEVE fits nicely next to studio-crafted--albeit stylistically successful--albums by Disney teen rock acts like Ashley Tisdale, Demi Lovato, and Miley Cyrus, the difference being that while those pretend-rock teen divas get backed by studio musicians, Orianthi is the backing musician. She is the real deal and BELIEVE soars on her mighty metal talents. Before this album, Orianthi was best known as the guitar virtuoso picked to perform with Michael Jackson on his farewell tour before he passed in 2009, and after listening to BELIEVE, it's clear that Orianthi was not only well deserving of that accolade but that her abilities far outdistanced a role as a backing musician.
    For rock fans awaiting the return of seriously fun, seriously rocking pop-metal, this is it.

      11:11 CD
      by Rodrigo Y Gabriela
    Our Price: $12.09 CD
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    The very first moments of Rodrigo y Gabriela's sophomore effort, 11:11, hit the listener cold in the face, and not just because of the amazing guitar playing. Sure, it's there, but it's what anyone who heard the duo's astonishing debut would expect. No, it's the sound of the record: immediate, forceful, crystalline; it's in-your-face compelling and impossible to ignore. 11:11 features 11 new compositions, dedicated to 11 musical artists (not all guitarists, either) who have had an influence on the duo. Recorded in Ixtapa, Mexico, the set was self-produced with the exception of two cuts, which were co-produced with John Leckie. Throughout, Rodrigo y Gabriela showcase their metal chops as part and parcel of their Mexican guitar heritage. They've not simply melded the two, but have created an entirely different form of music for the acoustic guitar in the process. It's infectious and accessible, full of pathos, intensit
    Q (Magazine) (p.116) - 4 stars out of 5 -- "Rodrigo Sanchez and Gabriela Quintero have honed their dazzling virtuosity. ...[These are] fluid yet percussive tunes also impossibly nimble."
    Paste (magazine) (p.54) - "Rodrigo Y Gabriela offer today's best exposition of the pyrotechnic, fusion-oriented edge of Spanish-style guitar-playing."

      Too Much Guitar CD
      by Reigning Sound
    Our Price: $11.59 CD
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    Greg Cartwright sums up his approach on the third album from the Reigning Sound with the title, Too Much Guitar -- here, Cartwright moves the old-school soul influences that were in the forefront on Break Up Break Down and Time Bomb High School to the back burner in favor of a hip-shakin' set of loud and primal guitar-based rock & roll.

    While Cartwright's passion for R&B is still prominent in these songs (and their performances), here it manifests itself in a set of tunes that take Stones/Pretties-style raunch and filters it through '60s garage rock bashing in the manner of the Sonics or the Misunderstood. In short, this thing goes bash, pound, bash through 14 high-impact cuts, and Cartwright's passionate vocals jockey for position against his revved-up guitar bashing, while bassist Jeremy Scott and drummer Greg Roberson flail away for all their worth in support. Cartwright also reaffirms his status here as one of the best songwriters in the nuevo garage scene on Too Much Guitar -- while the performances may value impact over nuance, the songs are smart, soulful, and emotionally powerful, and the lyrics speak of a maturity that's a far (and welcome) cry from the cars'n'girls blatherings of most new garage outfits. While some fans might miss some of the soulful undercurrents that made Time Bomb High School so memorable, if you want to hear Greg Cartwright rock on out, then this album will convince you that Too Much Guitar is never enough. ~ Mark Deming
    Personnel: Greg Cartwright (vocals, guitar, harmonica, percussion); Alex Greene (guitar, organ); Greg Roberson (drums); Jeremy Scott (background vocals).

      Midnight Blue CD
      by Kenny Burrell
    Our Price: $8.85 CD
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    This is part of the Blue Note Rudy Van Gelder Editions series.
    From the first sight of Reid Miles' brilliant typography on the cover you know what you are getting. Smooth smootchy jazz guitar played at the pace of a slow loris--quite magnificent in its sparing qualities. Mr. Burrell, together with and soulful, and yes, Van Morrison did borrow the intro for "Moondance."

    The Rudy Van Gelder Edition of MIDNIGHT BLUE includes an essay by Bob Blumenthal.
    Digitally remastered using 24-bit technology by Rudy Van Gelder (1998, Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey).

      Trance-Fusion CD
      by Frank Zappa
    Our Price: $15.79 CD
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    When Frank Zappa died in 1993, he had spent much of his remaining time and energy completing a number of projects before the end finally came. Why the majority of them are still unreleased as of late 2006 is anybody's guess, but perhaps the long awaited release of Trance-Fusion is a good sign. Trance-Fusion is another collection of guitar solos, forming something of a trilogy with the Shut Up 'n Play Yer Guitar set and Guitar.

    Frank had his favorite vehicles for soloing and careful listening to the albums as a group gives you a good idea which songs these are. "Shut Up 'n Play Yer Guitar," "Shut Up 'n Play Yer Guitar Some More," "The Return of the Son of Shut Up 'n Play Yer Guitar" (Shut Up 'n Play Yer Guitar), "Systems of Edges" (Guitar), and now "A Cold Dark Matter" are all excerpted from the solo section of "Inca Roads." "Variations on the Carlos Santana Secret Chord Progression," "That Ol' G Minor Thing Again," and now "Scratch & Sniff" are all lifted from "City of Tiny Lites." "The Torture Never Stops," "Easy Meat," "The Black Page" and a couple others have also contributed multiple tracks to this series. So why pick up Trance-Fusion if you've already got the others?

    Frank was an endlessly creative soloist who often referred to his solos as "instant compositions." On three successive nights, Zappa could take the same two-chord vamp to three entirely different universes. In 1988 he incorporated some radical new tones and new playing techniques, so even the same vehicle/vamp can sound very different from tour to tour. The Shut Up 'n Play Yer Guitar set covered mostly 1979-1980, Guitar focused on 1984, and Trance-Fusion is more than half 1988 material, so each album really sounds different from the others, but there's a nice sense of progression. The vast majority of Trance-Fusion features the Wackerman/Thunes rhythm section, but Bozzio/O'Hearn and Colaiuta (presumably with Arthur Barrow on bass but there is no bass credit) each cover a track.
    Dweezil plays with Frank on "Chunga's Revenge" and "Bavarian Sunset," but, of course, the star of the show is the guitar playing of Frank Zappa. Check out the nice flanging on "Butter or Cannons," the wicked whammy bar work on "Scratch & Sniff," or the feedback on the title track. He sounds like no one else. Trance-Fusion took way too long to see the light of day (and with cover art more suited to a Kitaro album), but for the FZ faithful it was worth the wait. Keep your fingers crossed for more. ~ Sean Westergaard

      Glow CD
      by Peter White
    Our Price: $7.59 CD / $9.99
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    This is a multi-channel Super Audio CD playable only on Super Audio CD players.
    Aside from a few incidental fills tossed into the breeze by this or that horn player, this is entirely White's show. His performance on all these tracks, typically over a backdrop of gauzy major-seventh string pads, provides a lesson in long-form jamming against a steady, sensuous backbeat, with octave passages and a buoyant rhythm feel that echo Wes Montgomery. Despite these similarities, White displays a distinctive sound, with blues and Spanish influences perfuming his romantic phrases. The original material is unmemorable, and even such familiar titles as "Just My Imagination" and "Who's That Lady" stretch into one- or two-chord vamps that serve as broad thoroughfares for his solos; without having to twist through a maze of chord changes, White can kick back, close his eyes, and let long, liquid lines flow. This is, of course, a pretty standard formula among easy listening artists, but White shows an unusual ability to keep things interesting while cruising through open musical vistas. Nothing particularly stands out, nothing detracts or distracts; with the rhythm on autopilot and the wind of White's acoustic guitar blowing past, it's a smooth ride all the way. ~ Robert L. Doerschuk
    More than most jazz lite artists, Peter White flaunts a restless improvisational sense, which is fully evident on Glow.

      Aerial Boundaries CD
      by Michael Hedges
    Our Price: $7.59 CD / $8.91 MP3
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    Michael Hedges is considered by many one of the most important innovators of the acoustic guitar. His total dedication to the acoustic guitar enabled him to develop a new approach to the instrument that transcended anything done before. He could sound like two--at times even three--guitarists playing at once, and his compositions drew on a wide variety of influences, from the earthy to the academic. While he is usually associated with the new age movement that flourished in the '80s and early '90s (having recorded on the flagship Windham Hill label), the reach of his music extends far beyond the drivel that the tag suggests.

    AERIAL BOUNDARIES incorporates all the elements that characterize Hedges' music: astounding technique, innovative composition, and a spirit of exploration. Where many a musician with half of Hedges' ability would be prone to showboating, the guitarist seems to have thrown away the idea of ego altogether, opting instead for an almost ascetic purity of sound. The result is the groundbreaking music that this record captures.
    Recorded at Windham Hill Inn, West Townshend, Vermont; Sheffield Studio and the Peabody Electronic Music Studio, Baltimore, Maryland; Different Fur Studio and Mobius Music, San Francisco, California.

      An Evening with John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess CD
      by John Petrucci / Jordan Rudess
    Our Price: $10.59 CD
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    Recorded live in Nyack, New York, the duo performed a mixed set of acoustic and electric (guitar only) compositions. Both players are world-class musicians, but Rudess in particular demonstrates his well-rounded skills, proving why he is an in-demand session player for the likes of David Bowie and Paul Winter. Petrucci too is a fine musician, but lacks the harmonic and rhythmic sophistication to serve as a strong accompanist. This limitation does not prevent the session from being enjoyable, in fact, it is Petrucci's energetic soloing that provides the most excitement. It was obvious that both players had several ideas and styles they wanted to explore, which are done so with restraint and sensitivity. The opening "Furia Taurina" finds Petrucci displaying his DiMeola-like chops on acoustic guitar and ranks as one of his best recorded moments. The most interesting track proves to be "Fife & Drum," which is both technically challenging and musically stimulating. Dream Theater, the band, became successful for several reasons, but the primary ones being that of hard work and a constant desire to push themselves. It is obvious on this recording that these two fine players relish those same values, and while some cuts work better than others, the music here can truly be labeled "progressive." ~ Robert Taylor
    Evening with John Petrucci & Jordan Rudess is an unheralded recording by Dream Theater and Liquid Tension Experiment alumnus John Petrucci, and Jordan Rudess is a unique entry in the Dream Theater family discography.

      Violet Journey CD
      by Orianthi
    Our Price: $19.79 CD
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    2007 debut album from the 21 year old Australian guitar prodigy. Born in Adelaide, Orianthi has played the guitar since the tender age of six, and has accumulated an impressive list of credits. She opened for Steve Vai in her home town when she was 14, and when she was 17 she opened for ZZ Top. It was when she met and performed with Carlos Santana when she was 18, that doors really started to open. Now at 21, Orianthi has signed with a major U.S. label, Geffen Records, and is currently in Nashville writing with some of the world's biggest writers including Darrell Brown (Keith Urban), Troy Verges (Leann Rimes) and Angelo (Kings Of Leon). Universal.

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