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      American Saturday Night CD
      by Brad Paisley
    Our Price: $10.95 CD
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    An American saturday night is not an unusual topic for a country song but Brad Paisley's celebration is. Paisley sees a typical weekend night as a cultural collision of French kisses, Italian Ices, Canadian bacon and margaritas, a place where Mexican and Dutch beers chill side by side in a bucket of ice. If he leans too heavily on labels, referring to those beers by brand name, it's merely a reflection of Paisley's uncanny knack for capturing the casual contemporary details of American life at the tail end of the 2000s.

    It's not just the pile up of iPhones and international video chats on "Welcome to the Future," the first country anthem of the Obama era, it's how he'll pick up prescription for his girl and flips macho stereotypes on their head on "The Pants." He's a thoroughly modern man and that attitude helps invigorate his traditional country, a sensibility that's welcome on AMERICAN SATURDAY NIGHT. The album veers toward the mellow despite its rollicking title track, the breakneck "Catch all the Fish" and the odd burst incongruous gurgling synth. On the whole, the disc is one of his dreamier albums, filled with swaying slow dances, sweet love tunes and the occasional brokenhearted blues, all delivered with a worn-in ease. Paisley prevents things from getting too relaxed by juxtaposing his every-guy vocals with spitfire guitar, something that gooses even th e sleepiest tempos, just like how he spikes his party tunes with sly humor.
    ~ Stephen Thomas ErlewineSpin (p.91) - "Paisley extends a hot streak...singing about regular life in the USA with a wit and charm that make the suburbs sound like heaven on earth." Billboard (p.34) - "Paisley hits all the right notes....The soulful 'Oh Yeah, You're Gone, which features blues rocker Robben Ford, is the album's pearl and shows a side of Paisley he's rarely revealed..."

      Moment In Time CD
      by Lorrie Morgan
    Our Price: $10.89 CD
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    Lorrie Morgan is no stranger to the limelight, demonstrating incredible talent as a vocalist -- she began her singing career in her teens at the Grand Ole Opry, was a session vocalist for years, and finally emerged as an artist and star in her own right. Since 1989 she's scored three number one singles, charted with 25 more, and has recorded nine studio albums, the latest being A MOMENT IN TIME, a 2009 gem of an album recorded for the Country Crossing imprint. There are literally dozens of records that have been recorded in the 21st century where artists cover classic country songs.

    Lorrie Morgan's take on the same thing is worth seeking out because it leaves the others in the dust. For starters, these 14 songs were cut in two absolutely live-to-tape studio sessions. There are no overdubs of any kind and all the participants, from the band to the vocal chorus to the string section, were in the room, recording from the floor simultaneously -- in other words, strictly old school. You hear Morgan's voice exactly as she performed these tunes without punchouts and splices in the final mix. Just as importantly, she chose (mostly) material that wasn't necessarily obvious. She cut songs such as "Are You Lonesome Tonight" by Lou Handman, and "After the Fire Is Gone" as a stellar duet with Tracy Lawrence. Also included are amazing takes on Mel Tillis' "Alright I'll Sign the Papers," Freddie Hart's "Easy Lovin'," another killer duet with Raul Malo, and even Faron Young's "Wine Me Up" -- songs unrecognizable to listeners of contemporary country music but treasured by fans of the music's golden age.

      That Lonesome Song CD
      by Jamey Johnson
    Our Price: $11.59 CD / $9.99 MP3
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    Johnson came to Nashville in 2000 and, after years of struggling, cut The Dollar in 2005, but when the label couldn't get a hit single off the album, they dropped him. Johnson concentrated on his songwriting and had hits with George Strait, who took "Give It Away" to number one; Trace Adkins, and another number one with "Ladies Love Country Boys"; and Joe Nichols. Proving that chart success doesn't always equal happiness, Johnson's marriage broke up around this time and he spent a long while in seclusion writing the desperate songs that make up That Lonesome Song.

    Johnson first released the album on his website, then his own Humphead label, but Mercury Records picked it up for nationwide release in August of 2008. The critical cliché would be "They don't write albums like That Lonesome Song any more," which is at least partially true. The raw emotion and barely controlled heartache that Johnson brings to his singing and songwriting on the album aren't exactly in style in 2008's country market, but lovers of old-fashioned hardcore country and honky tonk music will be stunned by its emotional depth and strong melodies. Most modern country singers flounder when they try to put across a ballad, often loading down the lyric with sentimentality rather than real feeling. On an album that's almost exclusively ballads, Johnson never falls into that trap. The songs are full of keen insights, clever turns of phrase, and real emotion.
    "A depressive cuckold's lament updates Glen Campbell's 'Where's the Playground Susie,' and a funereal cowboy dirge gets country's most gothic studio effects ever."

      Ultimate Hits CD
      by Garth Brooks
    Our Price: $12.35 CD
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    For a period in the early 1990s, Garth Brooks was not only the biggest star in country music, he was one of the biggest stars in music, period. An unassuming Oklahoman who fused the blue-collar ethic of new traditionalist country with an unapologetic pop side that drew on his love of 1970s rockers like Kiss and Billy Joel, Garth Brooks fundamentally changed the sound of mainstream country music in much the same way that Hank Williams had in the 1940s and Patsy Cline had in the 1950s. THE ULTIMATE HITS, a three-disc collection that is the first comprehensive career overview for Brooks, contains all of his most beloved songs in remastered sound, plus four brand-new songs and a bonus DVD containing all of Brooks's music videos.

    The Ultimate Hits does exactly that, containing all 18 tracks from The Hits (albeit not in the same sequencing), adding 12 hits that he had in the last half of the '90s, along with four new songs highlighted by a cover of Huey Lewis & the News' "Workin' for a Livin'."
    The new songs are a nice touch, but the real purpose of this set is to offer casual fans a way to get all of Brooks' best-known hits in one package, and in that regard The Ultimate Hits not only succeeds, it's long overdue. ~ Stephen Thomas E

      Learn To Live CD
      by Darius Rucker
    Our Price: $12.55 CD / $9.99 MP3
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    Although for the rest of his life, underinformed fans of 1990s pop will forever be calling Darius Rucker "Hootie," the former Hootie & the Blowfish singer-songwriter makes his solo debut with a perfectly credible take on mainstream contemporary Nashville country. The laid-back, largely acoustic folk-pop of Hootie & the Blowfish was never that far removed from contemporary country in the first place, so only the fact that Rucker is the first major African-American country star since the heyday of Charley Pride makes the stylistic crossover out of the ordinary. First single "Don't Think I Don't Think About It," a Top 5 hit on the Billboard country charts even prior to the album's release, makes clear how comfortable Rucker is with the blend of the Eagles and the Dixie Chicks that is contemporary country radio, and tracks like "History in the Making" and "Forever Road" are equally fine examples of the form.
    Darius Rucker's leap into country music is not a move without precedent for the Hootie & the Blowfish lead singer, as his band was loosely rooted in country-ish roots rock. Nevertheless, a more important antecedent for Learn to Live is a 2005 Burger King commercial where Rucker was decked out in a Nudie suit while singing a spin on "Big Rock Candy Mountain." It was the unveiling of Rucker the country singer, and caused enough of a sensation to make a country album seem like a feasible move.

      Unstoppable CD
      by Rascal Flatts
    Our Price: $14.75 CD / $9.99 MP3
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    Recording information: Blackbird Studios, Nashville, TN; Capitol Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA; Pogo Studio, Chapaign, IL; River City Studios, Grand Rapids, MI; Smart Studios, Madison, WI.

    If there's a candidate for the Eagles of the 21st century, it's surely Rascal Flatts, with their seamless blend of country, rock, and pop, and their discography of multi-platinum albums hitting the top of both the country and pop charts. Their sixth album, UNSTOPPABLE, makes the aforementioned blend so smooth that only the most stubborn pigeonholer would still label them a country act. If not for the recurring pedal-steel swells and the occasional vocal twang, there'd be nothing keeping UNSTOPPABLE from being a straight-up mainstream pop album.

    The preponderance of big, bold power ballads should appeal to fans of, say, Bryan Adams or Sheryl Crow just as easily as country cultists. In that sense, Rascal Flatts have clearly become the ultimate musical centrists of their era.

    On their sixth album, Unstoppable, Rascal Flatts trade their "aw shucks" persona for a title that Michael Jackson somehow missed in his King of Pop phase, and act like superstars rather than boys next door made good. Almost nothing about Unstoppable is modest, not the sounds, not the sentiments -- only the songs, whether they're sports-bar party anthems like "Summer Nights"; glistening, tightly wound crossover pop like "Close" and its breezy counterpart "She'd Be California"; or arena ballads like the first single, "Here Comes Goodbye." Despite a lot of driving, sequenced rhythms, most of the record feels as if it belongs in the arena ballad category, thanks to how every track comes across as waves of gleaming sound topped by the group's harmonies. The smoothness is overwhelming and Rascal Flatts seem certain of their own invincibility. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
    Rascal Flatts managed to keep it at bay through most of the 2000s, even as they turned into the biggest act in country music, but with their sixth album, Unstoppable, they succumb, trading their "aw shucks" persona for a title that Michael Jackson somehow missed in his King of Pop phase and acting like superstars, not boys next door made good.

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