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      Angels' Glory / Kathleen Battle, Christopher Parkening CD
      by Kathleen Battle / Christopher Parkening
    Our Price: $6.09 CD
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    Personnel: Kathleen Battle (soprano); Christopher Parkening (guitar, classical guitar).
    Recording information: Abyssinian Baptist Church, New York, NY (05/16/1996-05/31/1996);
    The Abyssinian Baptist Church, New York, NY (05/16/1996-05/31/1996).

    Kathleen Battle's Angels' Glory is a terrific holiday album that appropriately concentrates on religious-themed traditional carols. It's a somber yet joyous affair which won't be suited to light-hearted Christmas parties, yet makes for fine inspirational Christmas listening. ~ Rodney Batdorf

      Vocalessence Witness - What A Mighty God / Brunelle, Et Al CD
      by Brunelle / Moore By Four / Vocalessence Ensemble
    Our Price: $14.09 CD
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    Personnel: Philip Brunelle (piano); Connie Evingson, Yolande Bruce, Ginger Commodore, Steve Faison (vocals); Lisa Habeck, Barbara Nelson, Linda Zelig, Jane E. Anderson, Suzanne Henke, Yolanda Williams (soprano); Timothy Sawyer, Claude Cassagne, James Miller, Gary Costello, Brian Link (tenor); James Bohn , Steve Burger (baritone, bass voice); Douglas Shambo, Frank Steen, David E. Williams (bass voice); Robert Commodore, Joe Pulice (drums).

    Recording information: Orchestra Hall, Minneapolis, MN (11/04/1994-12/10/1994); Studio M, Minnesota Public Radio, Saint Paul, MN (11/04/1994-12/10/1994).

      Enchantment CD
      by Gaiatribe (New Age / P.A. / Spiritual
    Our Price: $15.15 CD
    Usually ships in 1-2 days

      Vice Versa CD
      by Terry Winchell
    Our Price: $22.75 CD
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    Terry Winchell: the first words that come to mind Thoughtful, playful, spiritual, optimistic, outraged, perceptive, curious, creative — and the list goes on. Passionate covers all of the above.

    Collectively, Terry’s songs are a rich brew born in the cauldron of her eclectic life. Song-writing and music bubble to the surface. People, with all their beauty, flaws, needs and yearning, fascinate Terry and inform the full range of her personal and artistic adventures. New Release “Vice Versa” Terry’s talent as a singer, songwriter and producer keep the music down to earth with taking the listener to places hard to reach in everyday living.

    Her new release Vice Versa CD’s fifteen tracks carry you through the landscape of Terry’s inner and outer life experiences, conveyed by the ensemble of Terry’s guitar, harmonica and vocals, Mark McCarron’s guitar and mandolin, Suzanne Mueller’s cello, Paul Page’s bass guitar, and Phil Cimino’s drums.

    Believing that less is more, we went with minimal takes and tracks and included some live in-studio recordings.” A seasoned singer-songwriter who has performed either as a soloist or front woman in her band.In person Terry conveys an unusual sense of rock n’ roll street-wise and a never failing positivity.
    Vice Versa is an intriguing collection of songs from Long Island singer-songwriter Terry Winchell. At times poignant and at other time wistful, the CD features the impressive songwriting of Winchell, whose reliable vocals are tastefully punctuated with the mandolin of Mark McCarron and the cello of Suzanne Mueller.

      Gospel: Trilogy CD - Import
      by Gospel: Trilogy
    Our Price: $12.65 CD
    Usually ships in 1-2 days

      Pulse CD
      by Spiritual
    Our Price: $14.09 CD
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    In any genre of music -- whether rock, jazz, R&B, blues, gospel, reggae, new age, salsa, or hip-hop -- there are bound to be leaders (those who are innovative) and followers (those who aren't innovative). The contributions of the followers, who inevitably outnumber the leaders, shouldn't be dismissed or underappreciated; there is no law stating that derivative art cannot be good art or even great art. It is always exciting to hear something really fresh-sounding, and the term fresh-sounding certainly describes what SpiRitual does on Pulse. SpiRitual is a side project for Stefan Hertrich, lead singer for the German goth metal band Darkseed -- and the vocalist has come up with an unlikely mixture of metal, world music, and ambient music. Of course, the term world music is very far-reaching; in SpiRitual's case, it generally means Indian, Middle Eastern, and North African elements. Hertrich takes those elements and successfully combines them with elements of gothic metal, death metal/black metal, and alternative metal.

    There are ethereal female vocals on Pulse (from Russian singer Yana Veva), and there are both extreme male vocals (usually, a black metal-style rasp) and clean male vocals. Forceful, downtuned metal guitars are part of Hertrich's game plan, but so are ethnic flutes and ethnic percussion. And much to his credit, Hertrich manages to pull all of these things together in a coherent, logical fashion. Hertrich is hardly the only person in metal who is going for that heaven/hell contrast; a long list of symphonic black metal and melodic death metal bands have been contrasting the melodic and the extreme. Nor is he the only headbanger who is interested in world music. But the way that he integrates the metal, world, and ambient elements on this album is definitely out of the ordinary. Pulse is among the most memorable and risk-taking metal releases of 2006. ~ Alex Henderson
    Spiritual is the brand-new ethno metal project of Stefan Hertrich, vocalist/songwriter for the long running German gothic metal band Darkseed, and sound track composer for PC games. Supported by international guest musicians, the 29 year old artist hits the road again to explore distant cultures and alternative ways of thinking, as he did in 1999 (Betray My Secrets) and 2004 (Shiva in Exile, awarded with the American Just Plain Folks Music Award in the category 'best new age/world album 2004'). Combining distant melancholic aesthetics with hard metal elements, the first release entitled 'Pulse' offers 8 epic ethno metal tracks. Brutal metal vocals and mercilessly down-tuned guitars are mixed with warm ethnic instruments and female vocals, creating a dynamic and energetic listening experience.

      Glass Harp CD
      by Glass Harp
    Our Price: $9.25 CD
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    The debut of Glass Harp is undeniably their strongest work, with a more unified sound and a more polished feel overall than the other records. The group's strongest songs -- "Changes," "Can You See Me," "Look in the Sky" -- appear here, much of it in the vein of Cream and Jimi Hendrix. Gentle "Black Horse" is a nice touch, and the group is not pulling apart so much on the first record.

    Keaggy is an amazing guitarist with innovative playing techniques and an ear for texture and tone color, while Sferra stands out as the strongest writer of the group. For any fan of late-'60s classic rock, this will be an excellent addition to your collection. ~ Mark W. B. Allender
    Glass Harp: Phil Keaggy, Dan Pecchio, John Sferra. All tracks have been digitally mastered using 24-bit technology.

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