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    Over 250 pages of CDs with nearly 4,000 artists listed in this Virtual Mall. The EvO:R Virtual CD Mall has been responsible for over 6,000 Independent CD sales since opening. We don't actually stock or sell the CDs, we simply list each CD by genre and link the visitor to websites such as CD Baby and Peacework Music Network for the sale. We also offer Guitar Kits, T-Shirts and plenty more.
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    WORLD: World Traditions
    TepakaTEPAKA: krkn
    Experience the soulful and Ancient sacred sounds of the Mandeng People of Mali and Guinea, West Africa. The Sounds of Old, the sounds of the Ancestors, the sound of the Elders and a glimps into village life.HEAR IT
    Vox PopuliVOX POPULI: songs of love, lament and praise
    Nuanced, lush vocal polyphony from sixteenth century Europe.HEAR IT
    Dembo JobartehDEMBO JOBARTEH: listen all
    Gambian Griot music: sunny, rough and unpolished. Straight from the roots of contemporary music.HEAR IT
    Maestro Omar Ait-vimounMAESTRO OMAR AIT-VIMOUN: assaru u stekhvar
    Sung in Tamazight (berber, language of north Africa) by a master singer and instrumentalist; here is an anthology of preludes; fundamentals of Algerian, Moroccan,and Tunisian music.HEAR IT
    Denagan Janvier HonfoDENAGAN JANVIER HONFO: babalola
    Expressive melodies and hypnotic, peaceful rhythms comprise this instrumental album that is ideal for use in African dance class, yoga, meditation and/or music therapy.HEAR IT
    Erhu Master: Zhiang RueiERHU MASTER: ZHIANG RUEI: moon reflected in er-quan
    An erhu master brings traditional Chinese culture to the worldHEAR IT
    Lourdes PerezLOURDES PEREZ: pajaros de otro canto / the free bird agreement
    This brilliant, eclectic soundtrack joins Perez and cowboy-poets from Chile to Canada; her wrenching score soars over a border-free continent & her sultry, minimalist duet with conjunto queen Eva Ybarra makes you ache to go home - even if you ARE home.HEAR IT
    Kazem DavoudianKAZEM DAVOUDIAN: classical music from iran
    A great collection of Iranian Classical music from a Composer and Performer who has his own special style composing Iranian music, still based on Iranian traditional music.HEAR IT
    Richard KaplanRICHARD KAPLAN: life of the worlds: journeys in jewish sacred music
    Jewish Sacred World Music from the Middle East, Andalusia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia - songs of exultation, longing, love, and Divine immanence - accompanied by an ensemble of masterful musicians.HEAR IT
    Peter WhiteheadPETER WHITEHEAD: giselle
    An extensive collection of percussion instruments gives the rhythms distinct character and a number of unique bowed and plucked string instruments, as well as winds, are used to create haunting melodies.HEAR IT
    Kane Mathis and Rusty KnorrKANE MATHIS AND RUSTY KNORR: kora and percussion
    Traditional Mandinka Music of West Africa performed on the 21-string harp 'Kora' and traditional percussion.HEAR IT
    Tour de FranceTOUR DE FRANCE: music of the french provinces
    Traditional tunes and songs from Paris and the provinces in unique arrangements, featuring cornemuses (bagpipes), hurdy-gurdys, accordions, violins and other instruments.HEAR IT
    Zydeco Bon!ZYDECO BON!: rhythm of da zydeco
    "Big Fun Louisiana Style." music combining Blues, Jazz, Cajun & Zydeco done with a Louisiana Flavor.HEAR IT
    PhnixPHNIX: pigen & drengen
    Exciting innovation in traditional Danish musicHEAR IT
    Obo AddyOBO ADDY: afieye okropong
    With inspiring vocals and sizzling percussion, Obo shares and celebrates the rich traditions of Ghana, West AfricaHEAR IT
    Prasant RadhakrishnanPRASANT RADHAKRISHNAN: swara sudha
    The melodic and rhythmic beauty of South Indian Classical music freshly rendered on alto saxophone by the critically-acclaimed prodigy, Prasant Radhakrishnan.HEAR IT
    SweetcaneSWEETCANE: hit na on da radio
    Explores a new genre of rootsy pop music with lyrics in english, spanish and haitian kreyol tied to spectacular percussion, guitars and the all important chorus.HEAR IT
    Kiev Theological Academy ChoirKIEV THEOLOGICAL ACADEMY CHOIR: all night vigil
    The worship singing of Kyiv-Pechesk (Caves) Lavra is a unique and precious heritage of the Orthodox singing culture. The origin of this singing is from the 11th century (1091), in a monastery founded by inok Antony who arrived from Aphona.HEAR IT
    The Mosaic Project, featuring Brett DennenTHE MOSAIC PROJECT, FEATURING BRETT DENNEN: children's songs for peace and a better world
    Peacing it all together, TMP uses an eclectic backdrop of afro-cuban-reggae influenced rhythms & a chorus of children led by Brett Dennen's velvetized voice, to entice you to enjoy insightful, contagious lyrics. Proceeds go to this nonprofit's programs.HEAR IT
    Mandolin CaravanMANDOLIN CARAVAN: desert soul
    Desert soul expresses the diversity joyous spirit, and beauty of Israeli, Yemenite, American and Hassidic music.HEAR IT

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