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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  The Virtual Kiosk CD Store

    Over 250 pages of CDs with nearly 4,000 artists listed in this Virtual Mall. The EvO:R Virtual CD Mall has been responsible for over 10,000 Independent CD sales since opening. We don't actually stock or sell the CDs, we simply list each CD by genre and link the visitor to websites such as CD Baby and Peacework Music Network for the sale. We also offer Guitar Kits, T-Shirts and plenty more.
    Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week...

    Links to all the Independent Gospel and Christian CDs- linked by sub-genres.
    [Gospel-Contemporary]  [Gospel-Country]  [Spiritual-Inspired]   [Gospel-Traditional]  [Spiritual-Inspiration ]  [Southern Gospel]  [Spiritual Hebrew]  [Christian Rock]  [Spiritual Hymns]  [Spiritual Praise
    SPIRITUAL: Inspirational

      My Best
      by Jeff Ramsey
    Our Price: $12.00 CD / $9.99 MP3 Album Download
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    A graduate from the Berklee College of Music, Jeff has toured and recorded the world over for such artists as Lalah Hathaway, Al Jarreau, Patrice Rushen, Maxwell, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, and Barbara Streisand, just to name a few. He’s done commercials in radio and television for Burger King, Levi 501, Dryel,Mountain Dew, and Michelob.

    Jeff has done solo work for many different projects including famed Tower of Power bassist, Rocco Prestia’s cd entitled “Everybody On The Bus”, and James Day’s ep “Remember When” and cd “Better Days” with the latter two garnering the UK hit “Don’t Waste The Pretty”.
    Smooth, Soulful, Funky Old School R&B with elements of Hip Hop, Jazz, Gospel, Funk, and Dance music. Inspirational, introspective, sensual, and sure to captivate the ears on first listen.

      Hearing Solar Winds Alight (Special Audiophile Edition)
      by David Hykes & The Harmonic Choir
    Our Price: $12.00 CD / $7.99 MP3 Album Download
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    "David Hykes has opened a new dimension in music; he has in fact, brought us the music of the spheres. As music, these sounds retain an extraordinary mystery. It is a wondrous sound, which would, as I always say, be appropriate to landing on the moon or Mars; it d must make every listener feel humble and yet part of the great system. David Hykes is spreading a form of knowledge which joins the sciences at their most intangible level, where what appears as matter turns out to be only energy. This music which David Hykes brings us, the harmonic series, as he says, being the musical DNA, the source of the music we know, which gives us life, also provides an extraordinary "Genesis Chapter" for music." --the late Lord Yehudi Menuhin
    True "music of the spheres." Sacred world music, this masterpiece of authentic Harmonic Chant (harmonic singing) by founder/pioneer composer-singer David Hykes with The Harmonic Choir is the best-selling "throat-singing" album of all time.

      Fire Fall
      by Grace Williams
    Our Price: $18.00 CD / $12.00 MP3 Album Download
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    Grace is a singer/pianist/songwriter/producer who captures the fresh sounds of heaven. Her angelic voice brings healing, peace and comfort to the broken. Listen and you'll hear a voice within her voice moving you closer to the heart of God. Catch this messenger of the Spirit...its more than music!

    Soaking, prophetic psalmist,inspirational praise & worship.

      Powered By Light
      by Kinetic Element
    Our Price: $12.00 CD / $7.00 MP3 Album Download
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    KINETIC ELEMENT is a symphonic progressive rock group that began in the heart and mind of MIKE VISAGGIO, a multi-keyboardist in Richmond VA. After recording his first solo album, STARSHIP UNIVERSE, in 2006, Mike began the arduous task of making himself known to the prog world. Selected to perform at the Pop Montreal Festival in 2006, Mike was driven to put together a band, and KINETIC ELEMENT was born. They have been playing out at selected venues and aiming to shake up the music scene with some classic prog/classic/new age style thunder. After 23 days during May, June and July 2009 in Sound of Music Studio in Richmond and a day at The Kitchen Mastering in Chapel Hill NC, their new CD POWERED BY LIGHT finished and is available. Many thanks to those pre-ordered.

    POWERED BY LIGHT has been nominated by the ProgAwards for Best Debut CD of 2009!
    Following in the tradition of the progressive rock giants of the 1970s, heavy with symphonic keyboards and virtuoso guitar work, Kinetic Element takes the listener on a lightspeed journey of the heart.

      Deen You Know
      by Native Deen
    Our Price: $12.97 CD / $9.99 MP3 Album Download
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    This is the debut album of Native Deen. Every track is sure to show you the talent of mixing Nasheed with a Hip hop flavor. Even those fans who have followed Native Deen from MYNA Raps will be excited to hear new hits and remixes. With a total of 11 tracks, this CD has it all. Songs that will relax you, raps that will inspire you, and a message of truth that will charge up your day!
    This is the debut album of American Muslim Hip Hop group Native Deen.

      In the Land of I Am
      by Rickie Byars
    Our Price: $16.00 CD / $12.97 MP3 Album Download
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    Rickie received her schooling from choir directors in the segregated school systems of the South. This schooling was to become the foundation for her life's work- creating a universal sound of music. Rickie learned about all kinds of music from 60s radio, specifically from the sounds of Motown, Memphis and Liverpool. These sounds now permeate and soar through the Sound of Agape Rhythms. An outstanding student with scholarship offers from a number of prestigious east-coast colleges, Rickie attended Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Georgia where she started to compose music. Her later work with some of New York's finest musicians provided another important aspect of her musical education.
    Contemporary Gospel. Inspirational music that is universal. Alternative Spiritual.

      The Leaning Tree
      by Minister Win Thompkins and the Stompers
    Our Price: $12.95 CD / $9.99 MP3 Album Download
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    It all started as a vision...reminiscent of echoes welling up from a buried past. Minister Win Thompkins through NLR, Inc. resurrected the gospel music “Foot Stompin’ Experience”. It’s an experience that personifies American heritage by transporting listeners back to a time when there was substance in lyrics and songs told a story...to a period when strength and inspiration could be found in music. Because of his heart-pounding, foot stompin’ performances Minister Thompkins became known as the “Ambassador of Foot Stompin’ Gospel Music”.
    Foot stompin energetic, melodic, layered, driving, well-crafted songs of inspiration

      The Fourth Magus
      by Noble Johnson
    Our Price: $12.97 CD / $9.99 MP3 Album Download
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    First introduced in a 1958 Christmas song, the Little Drummer Boy marched so effortlessly into our lives and has made such a lasting impression upon our Christmas traditions that it is hard to imagine a time when he was not with us. Not since Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer has a new icon secured such a timeless place in our national culture so suddenly and completely. But who is the Little Drummer Boy, and what is the story that brings such an unlikely visitor to the quiet solitude of that holy birthplace and thrusts him to the near-scripture stature of “shepherds watching over their flocks” and “wise men from the East”. The Fourth Magus puts the Little Drummer Boy into context and weaves his story seamlessly into the fabric of the greatest stories ever told. This is a timeless treasure for children and adults, to be enjoyed year-round, but especially during Christmas.
    The Little Drummer Boy comes miraculously to life in this richly narrated and magically orchestrated children's Christmas story.

    Links to all the Independent Gospel and Christian CDs- linked by sub-genres.
    [Gospel-Contemporary]  [Gospel-Country]  [Spiritual-Inspired]   [Gospel-Traditional]  [Spiritual-Inspiration ]  [Southern Gospel]  [Spiritual Hebrew]  [Christian Rock]  [Spiritual Hymns]  [Spiritual Praise

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