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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
Music News, CD Reviews, Virtual Stores and Vital Information for the Independent Music Community.

When the decades have passed, no matter what becomes of internet-based performers or their music, EvO:R is bound to be looked upon as one of the forefathers in the history of Web music's development...

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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  What Our Founders Had to Say About EvO:R

    EvO:R members have the distinction of maintaining their individual identities while being a member of a great and exclusive cast. Each of us is allowed and encouraged to use every talent and skill we have to promote ourselves through EvO:R and, in turn, we use those same unique properties to bring attention to all of our members.

    New ideas and a pioneering spirit in this volatile arena called the internet are always pondered and, more times than not, executed. Much of this is due to Charlie Harrelson, who has the foresight, open-mindedness and energy to take any new idea and run with it. When the decades have passed, no matter what becomes of internet-based performers or their music, EvO:R is bound to be looked upon as one of the forefathers in the history of Web music's development....Frank Cotolo

    The EvO:R Experience- and why are you missing out?
    By Charlie Harrelson Founder of EvO:R

    The Internet is a funny world with so many things to attract our attention and no real rules to prevent us from doing anything we wish.

    The downside to all this freedom is the fact that we find it very hard to sit still as the next great wonder of the Internet comes and goes.. Every new OMD site needs to have our music, every search engine needs to be spidering our website, every Internet radio station needs to play our new tunes. In the end all you have to show for all this hard work is, Hard Work!

    In 11 years of doing EvO:R I have meet only 12 people that have been (truly) successful on the Internet.. Twelve people in 11 years is a mighty small percentage and only 4 had anything to do with music. As founder of EvO:R I have seen hundreds of great marketing ideas come and go. I’ve also seen a ton of bad ideas that fortunately never got off the ground. I see plenty of singular interest sites and marketing ideas s/a “look at me”, “listen to me”, “ buy me” and the ever popular “help me”..

    What I hardly ever see is a real community of people getting together and sharing ideas about what works, and what doesn’t work. It’s not about ME, but about learning and sharing what we already know. Even thinking outside of the box a bit and taking something that doesn’t work now and modify it so it will the next time.

    This is why I have taken this time to personally write you this message.

    Any house needs a strong foundation, and we have the foundation. What we need now are the building blocks to create something that would be hard to knock down and this is where you can come in play.

    Your participation in our group discussions would be of benefit to everyone because we do get better with every additional person that participates. I know I cannot expect you to read every single message that gets posted to the group but I would ask that you take a few minutes and introduce yourself to the organization. Let them know who you are, the music you play, the website it is located at. You will find that you will be welcomed into a community unlike any you have ever joined. But you must take that first step and post a message.

    You can visit the main page of the group at: http://www.yahoogroups.com/list/evor and if you want to join our circle of friends simply click the JOIN THIS GROUP button.

    As a long time struggling musician I fully understand the benefit of a helping hand and that is what EvO:R has always been founded on. We don’t ask for money (volunteer donations only) and we don’t have a hidden agenda. We are simply musicians that are willing to help and enjoy watching our community grow as the mammoth organizations fall left and right around us.

    Other EvO:R projects currently under way

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      Tracks Across America- musicians sharing Tracks
      Musicians Tips Section- Need Advice? We have plenty of Tips.
      Band Links- Thousands of Bands under one roof.
      EvO:R Street Journal- the best damn music news e-zine anywhere.
      About EvO:R- Info about who we are.
      CD Sales- The ultimate Virtual CD kiosk
      EvO:R Radio- Free Agent music and great shows.
      Guitar Questions- ask a real guitar luther about your axe.
      The Goods- we reward websites that really deliver.

    Bend’em Don’t Break’em
    Charlie Harrelson
    Founder of EvO:R

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