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Welcome to EvOR Entertainment
  •  The EvOR Guitar Section

    Evor Private Stock Guitar Sale
       Over the past three years the EVOR guitar kits have been a huge success story. To promote our product better we started showing our kits at local guitar shows. Many people had no idea what a little bit of imagination and hard work could produce. As time permitted we would build a few of our kits and show them off at various events. This allowed people the opportunity to play and see a finished model while deciding which kit would best suit their needs. As a result, we built a number of great looking (and playing ) guitars to travel with us.

    Now it is time to part with these one of a kind instruments.

    Note: These are not perfect instruments. They have been to a number of guitar shows and have sustained a few nicks and scratches. This only adds to the personality of the guitar. We will not hide any flaws, we want you to see any dings and scratches.

    Every instrument is a one of a kind product. When it is sold, it is gone so act quickly. All sales are done through PayPal. It is fast, easy and secure.

  • EVOR Private Stock Sale
    Built SG Custom from our Private Collection

     Custom Built SG from our Private Collection

    The late 60's to early 70's saw a wave of artists picking up the SG guitar and playing it into history. Carlos Santana, Pete Townsend, Eric Clapton, Jimmie Page, Paul Butterfield and many more played this instrument.

    In 2011 I started importing guitar kits from China to sell online through evor.com. This guitar came from that first order. It featured a basswood body rather then the mahogany bodies we currently offer. I filled a few minor holes in the body then painted it sky blue. For a number of months the guitar sat in the warehouse untouched. That is until I meet the owner of Axewrap. Axewrap.com could take a photograph and create a glossy peel and stick graphic to put on the guitar body. Axewrap.com had an interesting software loaded on their website. It allowed you to upload your image and input the type of guitar you wanted to put the graphic on. It would then show you the completed project. This is very helpful because an image may look amazing on it's own only to lose it's effect due to pickups or volume Knobs getting in the way.

  •  Features and Specs:

      Joint: Set In
      Body: Basswood
      Neck: Maple
      Fingerboard: Rosewood
      Tuning Machines: Chrome Die-cast
      Scale Length: 24.75"
      Fret: 22
      Control: 2V, 2T, 3-Way Selector
      Pickups: Black - Humbuckers
      Hardware: Chrome
      Bridge: Tone-o-Matic
      Pickguard: None
      Price: $300. plus S&H

  • The graphic was ordered and installed on the guitar. At the time it looked amazing. One day I got the hairbrain idea to clear coat the graphic to protect it from getting all scratched up. After about 10 coats of clear coat the body looked fantastic. I planned to take this instrument to my next guitar show only to discover after a few days the clear coat reacted negatively to the peel on graphic.

    The guitar spent the next couple years in storage before I pulled it out in January. I sanded everything back to wood and used Minwax stain to create the new look. Finished the body with urethane for a high gloss look. I replaced the stock pickups with a much hotter (musicially) set. The nut wasn't vry good so it was replaced with a graphite nut. I also replaced the bridge and tail piece as the originals started showing signs of age from the humidity in Florida.

    A little truss rod adjustment and some minor fret work and this guitar is ready to be played.

  •  Priced at $300.00 plus shipping and handling
  •  Shipped with a gig bag.

  •   Click the image for a larger view

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