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    The EvO:R Street Journal
    Editorial statement
    Dedicated to the culture, business and interests of the indie artist. EVJ delivers controversial points of view, hard-news commentary, Industry Insites, artistic prose and photography and welcomes responses (pro or con), feedback and topic suggestions from readers. If you would like to submit an opinionated article, inspired poem, photo or essay to EVJ, forward all copy to Editor ESJ and put To the Editor in the subject field.

    "Top Indie Albums of all Times"

    A New Top 25 list will be released February 12th 2014

    The EvO:R Street Journal is proud to be part of picking the indie world's best music. We have listened to thousands and reviewed hundreds of indie CD's over the past few years and have been responsible for selling over 12,000 indie CD's so we have a pretty good collection of CD's to work with but there still might be a few great CD's out there that we haven't heard or reviewed.

    If you think you have an Independent released CD worthy of being considered for this upcoming list please do the following:

    Want EvO:R to review your music?
    It will be honest and above all, very interesting. You will be granted permission to reproduce the review or link to the review on any artist websites or social media sites.

    Due to the cost involved with hiring quality reviewers we will require a $15.00 donation when submitting a CD for review. Simply click the "donate" button to the right to donate $15.00 for your professional review.

    After making your donation you can send your CD to:
  • Charlie Harrelson
    EvO:R Reviewer
    855 Markham Wood Rd
    Longwood, Fl.

    Please, no emails with links to music. We do require a CD for any reviews.
    Reviews will appear in the order that CD's are sent so don't delay as it takes a few weeks for reviews to appear! If your CD is good enough it may qualify for the top 25 Indie CD's of all time.

    Below is a list of the CD's that we have considered for the Best Indie Releases ever. We will eventual list all the top CD's in order of importance to the Indie Community. Right now, they are listed at random. This list will change every month as new material is sent to us for consideration so please be sure to pop in once a month and see what is new.

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  • Sacred Rite -The Top Indie Release as picked by the staff at EvO:R

    Sacred Rite: Resurrection
    The concept is pretty obvious - it's the 'resurrection' of a band that's been 'dead' for 20 years. But there's even more to it than that. Drummer, Kevin Lum, sadly passed away in 2002. Rather than finding a new drummer to record the album with us, we put together new drum parts using samples of Kevin's drum sounds from our old albums, so in a way, it's a kind of 'resurrection' for Kevin as well.
    The album is dedicated to his memory.

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  • Kelly Pettit: These Days
    To be perfectly honest, I didn't hear a single song that I didn't like. Every song stands tall in the saddle and could be a radio hit tonight. I was especially moved by 'You, the Melody' a simple love song that put a huge lump in my throat ....I must have hit repeat 6 times. I just could not stop listening to that song. I rank it up there with 'Something' by the Beatles (it was that good).

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  • Seven Sources: Casual Drama

    The first six bars of the first track set the feel for the entire album but by no means define it. I've come to expect a lot from this trio of veteran studio musicians and my expectations were exceeded by Syzygy. JDA has gone above and beyond the call of duty on this album. The album does a bit of genre-hopping, but the totality is almost like an opera, with each act being a work unto itself while telling a definable story with the whole. If you love rock, you must own this album....(reviewed by Jef Peace)

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  • Thomas Dolby

    Thomas Dolby : LIVE AT SXSW
    LIVE AT SXSW shows another step in Dolby's maturation as an artist, and his willingness to toss whatever needs to be added to the pot to make his music grow and adapt is refreshing. For all the digital options he could use, it's good to hear Dolby is unafraid to let analog musicians onto his stage to add what they have to bring to the mix. A nice slice of music that fits well beside his excellent tour from last year. I'd STILL like to hear May The Cube Be With You played with a full power Parliment band, but I guess that's what dreams are for...

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  • An American Nightmare

    26MPH: American Nightmare
    This band knows how to rock! The band is a perfect combination of musical ability and song writing skills. I can even tolerate the screaming because it wasn't a huge part of the vocals. The dual guitar combo is in line with Iron Madden and Judist Priest as both guitarist are better together then apart and they play like they know their individual limitations.

    Everything about this CD was first class. The studio recording at Grissly Studio's in California was near perfect. The CD artwork was done by band members Mike Boyer & Eric Nettleton. It is an amazing work of graphic art and represents the quality of the music inside the sleeve.

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  •  The Flyin' Ryan Brothers

    Jim Carr: The Space Below
    Jim Carr is one exception to the rule. His music is pure, emotional and simple (but not in a negative way). From the first 20 seconds of the CD I was rivited to my sound system. Every song on this CD was a joy to listen to. No fillers and no extended versions or re-mixes on this offering. With this age of effects processors, digital samplers, preprogrammed beats and correction software Jim makes his mark by simply touching strings on a guitar.

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  •  The Flyin' Ryan Brothers

    The Flyin' Ryan Brothers: Under the Influence
    No doubt there’s a lot to amazing playing to be found on this musical production. You will hear notice the many musical influences along the way - from rock, to jazz, from Rush to Return to Forever this CD pretty much has it all. The musical textures and overtones are all in the pocket and full of sickening variety, and guitar licks that are hot to the touch. All pieces are extremely progressive and dynamic providing many musical peaks and valleys, trap doors, and tricky time changes.

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  •  Prodigal Son

    Dave Isaacs: Prodigal Son
    This nine-track collection is a reflective look at relationships and redemption. Dynamic arrangements feature dynamic guitar work complemented with the fiddle, steel and the mandolin. Subtle solid beats and varied musical styles add to the fullness and diversity of Prodigal Son. A mixture of moods is captured on this CD from gentle instrumentals to down home rockers. David Isaacs shines brightly on his solo release!

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  •  Keni Thomas

    Keni Thomas: Flags Of Our Fathers
    A collection of songs written by Thomas that tell stories inspired by life in the military. Guest artists include Kenny Rogers, Emmylou Harris and Blackhawk among others. Includes the single "Not Me". A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Hero Fund.
    Absolutely phenomenal; every song talks to me. From my dad serving in Vietnam, to my son serving in Iraq; these songs are about REAL feelings. Keni touches the core of the American way of life; it should be 'required listening' in every high school, especially Flags of Our Fathers and Not Me. Thank you for your service and talent Keni, God Bless you - and GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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  •  David Silva: MOORPARK OASIS

    David Silva: MOORPARK OASIS
    A mention of the musicians is needed here. David Silva, Scott Rodell and, Bradley John Sanders are the musicians on this. I would suspect they wore different hats as needed. All great. I cannot say more how much I love the arrangements, the production, the wit, the melodies. This album is a MUST HAVE. WHY these people are not on major distribution is beyond me. Another fun tune, TRAVELING follows, but tone that stands out for me again is COFFEE SHOP with a great woodwind arrangement, augmented by strings, this is a more introspective tune, very Beatlesque. Excellent guitar work as well.

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  •   Drum Dynasty DOUBLE CD

    Drum Dynasty : Drum Dynasty
    Drum Dynasty is a cutting edge drum CD that showcases advanced odd measure drum compositions meshed with worldly techno music. The music from this CD was broken into two groups. Light on the first CD and darker on the second. The first CD had me captivated by the sounds. Although the CD was a percussion based offering the group used additional non-percussive instruments to keep my interest in the musical story line while expanding my musical awareness with incredible rhythms and odd meter excitement.

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  •  Melissa Ferrick

    Melissa Ferrick: The Other Side
    "Ferrick is a high-energy belter who has stunning vocal finesse and an ability to play syntax like Armatrading and Van Morrison." Steve Morse, Boston Globe
    She is the most genuine artist I've found,... and she allows us to visit her world as she gives us raw, unedited, "unproduced," lyrics that allow her fans not only to identify with her, but get to know that wonderfully talented artist behind the guitar. The power, the emotion, the absolute fearlessness to go wherever he life dictates... it is so refreshing in a world filled with falsehoods. She never ceases to amazes me... and always exceeds expectations. She is a one of-a-kind whom I'm glad to know. Bravo and Encore Melissa!

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  •  Matt Sharp

    MATT SHARP: Matt Sharp
    The debut full-length album from Weezer co-founder/former bassist and Rentals front man Matt Sharp. Stripping away the layers, Sharp delivers a sparse, beautiful solo masterpiece. This CD is amazingly beautiful...very atmospheric, with the most gorgeous pianos and acoustic guitars I've heard since....I can't remember. ;) I'm impressed that matt seems so at home with this new approach to his music writing and performing...he's the unknown genius of rock music.

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  •  Nils Lofgren
Acoustic Live

    Nils Lofgren: Acoustic Live
    It's Nils at his finest. a great recording of a great performance by one of the worlds best guitarists. Nils has been the lead guitar player for Bruce Springsteen's E Steet Band for 20 years. This record has recently risen to culthood in Norwegian High-End Hi-Fi showrooms, and cut 5 "Keith don't go" is in real danger of being played to death. I just had to get this record, and CD-baby was one of the very few places who stocked it. The record arrived in good condition at record speed from the other side of the globe and kept me up all evening. Absolutely recommended!

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  •  Delp and Goudreau

    Delp and Goudreau: Delp and Goudreau
    I love this CD. It's different from Boston but very well done. Brad proves once again that he is the man with the golden voice. He is the best vocalist ever. Barry's guitar work is great also. These guys have always been great musicians. The only downside to this is that Brad left us way to soon. I will miss him. RIP Brad.

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  •  Waiting in the wings

    Daryl Stuermer: Waiting in the Wings
    Stuermer is a brilliant guitarist and composer. I like all the tracks on this album, but my personal favourits are "Wherever you are", "Transatlantic" and in particular "Anthem", one of the best instrumentals ever written! Great melody, very catchy, very emotional. Maybe I'm the only person in Belgium who owns this album, well, I'm very proud of having it.

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  • Devil Doll

    Devil Doll : The Return of Eve
    'The Return of Eve' can best be described in one word; epic. Anyone who has ever experienced the pain of heartbreak; and the empowerment of moving on from it, will be able to relate to this CD. Devil Doll once again serenades us with the most soft and sultry voice; contrasted by powerful scales, belted from the bottom of her soul. This album lends us a real variety of music styles, with ballads like "Sweet Lorraine"; heartfelt country-influenced songs such as "Tortured"; and even a timeless cover, "Fever". As always, Devil Doll ropes you in with painfully honest lyrics, and her custom blend of music fusion. This CD is a great buy, and makes a great gift for anyone and everyone.

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  • Wes Tucker and the Skillets

    Wes Tucker and the Skillets : The Scorpion and the Dove
    The CD featured 11 well written and solidly performed songs. The music leans heavily on the bands southern rock/folk rock roots with plenty of good old southern fried guitar playing and a side order of country picken. Tuckers voice is solid and the vocal harmonies take me back to the early days of great bands like Journey. They were so solid in their vocal harmonies that I wished the band would have done more. The Skillets are a band that could hang with the best of them. Every instrument sounded like it was played not sampled and the studio work was something worth bragging about. I heard every note even though this CD was recorded in a basement and at a couple houses. The guys simply made the best with what they had and it would rival any major label release with hundreds of thousands of dollars budgeted to the recording.

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  • Tanya Goodman-A Child's Gift of Lullabyes
    Tanya Goodman: A Child's Gift of Lullabyes
    This CD has become my standard baby gift for ALL new parents! I've probably bought a dozen by now. We got it as a gift with our first child and I've literally listened to the music a thousand times over the past several years -with almost every bedtime. My 6 year old daughter still listens to it every night. Beautiful music that sets itself apart.
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  • The Ramonetures

    The Ramonetures : Ramonetures
    The Ramonetures are the brainchild of Phantom Surfers guitar genius Mel Bergman. On this, their debut album, the band takes on the task of reinventing 16 classic Ramones tunes - in a style that would have done the Ventures proud! In other words, it's all instrumental, baby! And with fuzz guitar legend Davie Allan along for the ride, it's like a wild chopper ride through the surf of Rockaway Beach. Incredible...and a must for any Ramones fan!

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  • KENDALL PAYNE: Paper Skin

    Amy Steinberg : Fall Down to Fly
    A brilliant, soulful and honest album. Amy's powerful, raw and incredible vocals are reminicent of Joplin, Midler and DiFranco. She sings the innermost thoughts of our "real life" but strong hearts while riddling radical rhythms and true lyrical musicianship. She is an artist, a poet, and not just self proclaimed goddess. This album rocks.

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  •  Infectious Organisms - Human Experience

    Infectious Organisms: Human Experience
    This album was a very enjoyable surprise. There's not a single track I (or others) don't enjoy. Great, intelligent lyrics, combined with very mature and impressive musicianship. Once you start the album, you have to finish it. Everyone who i've played it for has totally digged the sounds. These guys have a very original sound and know where to take hiphop, and i'm definitely going to be following. Now I only wish they'd re-release their first album! I want more!!

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  • Martin Swinger Scrapbook

    Martin Swinger: Scrapbook
    Martin's strength of performance, fluid tenor voice and incredible vocal range are compelling enough to capture the attention of any audience. (He once brought a room full of teens playing pool to a sudden stand-still with an A Cappella performance!) Recognition for his songwriting and performing talent continues to grow.

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  • Daniel U.C.Berkeley Cool

    Daniel: U.C.Berkeley Cool
    Finally a cd from the nineties I can listen to all the way without skipping tracks! This cd has it all. The title track rocks, while "Surreal Surrounded" is a venture into the acoustic mystic. My favorite track is "Through All Those Years," an introspective look back at a love from long ago. The music industry for the last decade has not managed to come up with any artists who are ground breaking in any shape or form. This cd assures me that artistry has not died out. The music is different, the lyrics have meaning, and the album as a whole is consistent. Definitely recommended!

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  • Wes Tucker Tradition

    Wes Tucker: Tradition
    When I put this disc in my stereo, I'm not lying when I say my jaw was glad the floor was there to stop it. WOW! I even said it backwards, WOW! Wes, that's one amazing production you got there. Hat's off mastering engineer. Don't know what you charged, but you were worth every cent. Tradition is one of those rare albums that bring it's own atmosphere with it. The musicianship is supurb. Each instrument's tone is emaculately well placed in the mix, flat-top, bass, drums, which are tuned perfectly in pitch, all complamenting Wes's vocals as if almost un-believable.

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  • Karl Kalbaugh Terra Nova

    Karl Kalbaugh: Terra Nova
    Karl Kalbaugh is EvO:R's resident Didgeridoo player. The didgeridoo is an Aboriginal instrument from Australia. I had no idea what a Didgeridoo is so I though I would add a small and limited description to the beginning of this review. A Didgeridoo is possibly the oldest known wind instrument, traditionally made from eucalyptus branches or saplings. Then, naturally hollowed by termites.

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  • Roots of Creation Rise Up

    Roots of Creation: Rise Up
    I must admit that I am very impressed with the bands writing and overall musicianship. The lyrics are well thought out and make a statements. From the politically charge commentary (although not overpowering) to the simple legalization of the noble weed the band makes a statement on every song. Nothing is left to chance and they really do take the world of raggae and raise the bar two or three notches. The late Bob Marley would be proud of this bands hard work and the fact that they helped elevates the genre.

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  • Chris Patrick Chamblee: strange Visions
    Chris Patrick Chamblee: Strange Visions
    Strange Visions is the newest album....w/some old content...since Chris got the rights back to his older music he figured he should go ahead and re-record & use 'em and we are glad he did!
    August 2006, once again with no major press release, Chris Patrick Chamblee's Keyfactor releases the album Strange Visions. Completely healed, trial tested, road hardened, with a new enthusiasm, packed house shows featuring support from local radio, along with a developing tour in the works, the story of Chris Patrick Chamblee continues..
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