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    Dedicated to the culture, business and interests of the indie artist. EVJ delivers controversial points of view, hard-news commentary, Industry Insites, artistic prose and photography and welcomes responses (pro or con), feedback and topic suggestions from readers. If you would like to submit an opinionated article, inspired poem, photo or essay to EVJ, forward all copy to Editor ESJ and put To the Editor in the subject field.

    July 26, 2007 Edition

  • Event Review: California Transit Authority at the 2007 Long's Park Summer Entertainment Series
  • Electric Violinist James Sudakow Releases GREEN
  • CD Review: Paul Nash, Jazz Cycles [Manhattan New Music Project]
  • Hobbyhorse Joins MusicDish Network Roster
  • Chicago's Danny Seraphine Brings New Band To MusicDish Network Roster
  • AirPlay Direct College / Alt. Rock Artist Contest
  • IMEA Award 2007: Popkomm Searches For The MySpaces Of Tomorrow

    Media Alert: California Transit Authority's "Full Circle (Street Date August 14, 2007)
    Event Review: Opening of the second installment of the 2007 Long's Park Summer Entertainment Series

    Danny Seraphine (drums), Marc Bonilla (guitar), Peter Fish (keyboards), Mick Mahan (bass), Larry Braggs (lead vocals) and Edward Harris Roth (keyboards)

    "The crowd of a few thousand mostly middle-aged people clearly came to hear Chicago tunes, and CTA didn't disappoint. If you've been to a Chicago show in recent years, you've probably noticed that the lead singers primarily specialize in performing the group's ballads. But they've lacked the soul needed to adequately perform the band's earliest rock-based hits. With his three-octave range and his rock showmanship, Braggs on Sunday night brought that soul back to CTA, performing Chicago classics such as "I'm a Man" and "25 or 6 to 4." I haven't heard those songs performed as well by Chicago at any of the dozen or so of the band's concerts I've been to over the past 15 years.

    During the 90-minute concert, CTA mixed in a few original songs, such as "Several Thousand" and "West Virginia." But it was the songs of Seraphine's early career that were in the highest demand. And although it's been 17 years since Seraphine left Chicago, he proved during a number of solos Sunday night that he can still beat the drums the way he did when he was a kid."

    Read the complete review "Chicago to Lancaster - via California" By P.J. Reilly, Staff Intelligencer Journal at


    Electric Violinist James Sudakow Releases Instrumental Heavy Fusion Progressive Rock Album - GREEN

    James Sudakow is a musician with an imaginative and groundbreaking approach to the electric violin and viola. Classically trained since the age of four, he has modified his training to revise the instrument's sound and potential. The artist uses a heavy distortion to play both lead and guitar like riffs and rhythm sections in much of his original progressive rock and heavy fusion projects.

    The summit of the advances with the instrument and James' superior creative talents reach its fruition on the new recording GREEN. He demonstrates a unique application of the electric violin/viola and Marshall JCM2000 Amplifier in his studio work and electrifying live performances.

    Sudakow sites particular influences that pushed him in the direction he arrived at musically and surprisingly enough his heroes are not whom you would expect. Guitar players such as Hendrix and Vernon Reid take credit for the path he decided to travel years ago.

    Troy Paul, President of The Frequency summed up the talent that Sudakow brings to the stage and in the studio by saying-"James is one of the most creative and talented musicians in Los Angeles. It's like watching Jimi Hendrix on violin."


    Media Alert: Paul Nash Jazz Cycles MNMO Records (Street Date October 2, 2007)
    CD Review: Paul Nash, Jazz Cycles [Manhattan New Music Project]

    Shane Endsley-trumper, Bruce Williamson-soprano & alto sax, Tim Ries-tenor sax, Jim Ridl-piano, Vic Juris-guitar, Jay Anderson-bass, Grisha Alexiev-drums

    Paul Nash, the cat that gave breaks to Mark Isham, Tim Reis, Dave Samuels, Vic Juris and many more decided to create some lasting works before being fallen by a brain tumor. Some of his proteges got together and really kicked it out on some high octane works that are long on energy, deep chops and a general hot playing that serves as a fitting tribute to a cat that gave a lot while being in the background to most. A real jazz ear opener, contemporary jazzbos will dig this in a big way. There's a lot going on, it's the kind of set that you have to listen to more than once and more than casually to really get all that is going on. Well worth your time.


    Hobbyhorse Joins MusicDish Network Roster

    MusicDish Network, the artist development department of MusicDish LLC, a leading music magazine publisher and marketing firm, announced the addition of Hobbyhorse, a San Francisco Bay area duo that melds folk music, psychedelic rock and the San Francisco sounds of the '60's.

    As part of its artist development support, MusicDish Network will coordinate brand development, saturated and relationship marketing, digital distribution and industry outreach through its music business publications and conferences.

    "What attracted me to Hobbyhorse is their unique approach," noted MusicDish founder Eric de Fontenay. "Whether its their psychedelic folk/rock sound, 'Conscious Choice Pricing' or co-marketing effort with various artists through Hobbyhorse Cafe, they bring a novel outlook that's necessary for today's independent artists.

    Hobbyhorse's music is in the spirit of experimentation and the expansion of the imagination. They take psychedelic folk/rock into the present day with their poetic songwriting and adventurous arrangements. The duo has returned to the stage with their mythology-themed shows after a year in the studio recording their latest full-length release "Break in the Clouds," including the Ancient Ways Festival on June 22 and the Palo Alto Art and Wine Festival this August.

    The musical duo also spent the last year building an online music and art venue called Hobbyhorse Cafe, featuring their music and art as well as that of a growing lineup of talented guest musicians, artists and poets. The Café offers an innovative pricing system called "Conscious Choice Pricing," allowing fans to choose how much they pay for downloads and merchandise.

    "With all of the controversy about sharing music on the web and talk about how much music is or isn't worth, we decided to let people decide for themselves," explain Phil and Annie, of Hobbyhorse


    Chicago's Danny Seraphine Brings New Band To MusicDish Network Roster

    MusicDish Network, the artist development department of MusicDish LLC, a leading music magazine publisher and marketing firm, announced the addition of California Transit Authority (CTA), a band newly formed by Chicago founding member Danny Seraphine.

    As part of its artist development support, MusicDish Network will coordinate brand development, saturated and relationship marketing, digital distribution and industry outreach. In particular, MusicDish will reach out to Chicago's huge fanbase that helped produce 18 gold and 13 platinum albums, 50 Top 40 hits, including 20 Top 10 singles and 5 number ones.

    "With Danny Seraphine leading the band and name association with such a well-recognized brand as Chicago, the online marketplace provides huge opportunities for California Transit Authority to connect with fans across demographics," noted MusicDish founder Eric de Fontenay.

    California Transit Authority (CTA) is drummer Danny Seraphine's trip back to the future, effectively tipping his hat to his past with his feet firmly planted in the here and now. Aptly titled 'Full Circle', CTA's debut album brings Seraphine back to his roots.

    While CTA revisits early Chicago classics "I'm A Man," "Make Me Smile" and "Colour My World" on "Full Circle," CTA isn't just a nostalgia trip. For example, "Make Me Smile" has been transformed into an instrumental, with Marc Bonilla recreating the vocal lines on guitar. In addition, Bonilla has also re-imagined many of Chicago's classic horn parts on his guitar. Another twist is vocalist Larry Braggs, the voice of Tower of Power since 2000.

    Aside from the re-workings of the Chicago tracks, "Full Circle" revisits Bonilla's "Antonio's Love Jungle," which is given new life as Seraphine's human touch replaces the original's drum-machine rhythms; as well as "Something Different," the Cannonball Adderley track composed by a young Chuck Mangione. A new original track, "Several Thousand," features guest vocalist Wes Quave.


    AirPlay Direct College / Alt. Rock Artist Contest

    Throughout the month of August, AirPlay Direct, Gorgeous PR, Arketype Film, Apples and Cats Media and CDman will be running our first "All Things Digital College / Alt. Rock" artist contest for our artist / label members.

    We will be awarding one Grand Prize package, winner takes all. The winning song / artist will receive the Grand Prize package which will include an 8 week national PR / media relations campaign (print and online) and an internet radio campaign from Gorgeous PR ($10,000 value), Arketype Film, Inc. will produce a music video for the winning band in a completely custom and tailored manner. This will not be a run of the mill concert and backstage video, it will be a full production "broadcast-quality" video with intricate detail to the mood and style of the band ($12,000 value), a 12 week national radio promotions campaign to 500 College radio stations from Apples And Cats Media ($3,600 value), a merchandise package from CDman that includes 500 professionally replicated CDs in jewel boxes, 100 full color posters, 25 digitally printed t-shirts ($1,000 value) and a premier "Featured Artist" advertising package from AirPlay Direct ($1,500 value). The Grand Prize Pac! kage is valued at over $28,000.00...!

    This contest is FREE TO ENTER and very simple... the best song wins. The only three requirements to enter are that you must be an AirPlay Direct artist / label member (free to join), your music must fall into the College / Alt. Rock genre and you must submit your AirPlay Direct DPK prior to the official deadline of August 25th.

    Whether you are an indie artist or a well established record label with a roster, pick your best songs, you can submit from 1 to 3 tracks per artist. Submit your AirPlay Direct Digital Promo Kit / DPK to . Please make sure to note that you are submitting for the College / Alt. Rock contest. Deadline for submissions is August 25th. The winner will be announced and "Featured" in the September Radio Programmers Newsletter, as well as in a company press release to all media outlets.


    IMEA Award 2007: Popkomm Searches For The MySpaces Of Tomorrow

    Formats such as MySpace and YouTube have significantly changed the music market. The Popkomm IMEA - Innovation in Music and Entertainment Award - recognises innovative business ideas which in future will impact on digital music marketing and exploitation. Now Popkomm is presenting a celebrity-studded panel of jurors for the IMEA 2007. Its members include experts on digital music exploitation, members of venture capital companies and trade journalists.

    "By hosting the Popkomm IMEA we are offering young, creative enterprises an outstanding platform for presenting their business ideas, as well as direct contact with the market and huge media attention. What we are looking for are genuine innovations, the MySpaces of tomorrow", says Popkomm's general manager Dr. Ralf Kleinhenz. Many promising applications from all over the world have already been received in Berlin. In order to judge the applications which startups have sent in, Popkomm's organisers have again acquired the services of high-ranking experts as jurors at this year's award. They include Dave Goldberg, who as vice-president and managing director made Yahoo!Music the number one music website and has now brought his expertise to the venture capital company Benchmark Capital, and Manuel Tessloff, business manager at EMI Music Publishing Continental Europe. Other experts on the Popkomm IMEA jury include Fred Bolza, of the UK performing rights society M! CPS PRS Alliance, who develops and promotes new schemes for licensing music in the digital age, Patrick Bradley, director of the venture capital company Ingenious Ventures (UK), and Michael Bornhäusser, CEO of the global market leader for mobile DRM technology SDC Secure Digital Container AG.

    Today's pros support new ideas for the future

    There will be yet more celebrity jurors present on the afternoon of 19 September at the Popkomm IMEA Finalist Screening Session. They include music visionary and book author (the Future of Music) Gerd Leonhard, Jens Spyrka, who heads entertainment and marketing services with the venture capital company bmp AG. Also on the jury is Steve Redmond, widely recognised for including download music in the music charts, and also for founding the British Music Week as a promotion platform for Brit music in Germany for the British Phonographic Industry (BPI).

    Popkomm will announce Paul Brindley as presenter of the IMEA event. Managing director and co-founder of Music Ally, the leading digital music research and strategy company, ex bass player of the Sundays, and author of the report New Musical Entrepreneurs.


    Provided by the MusicDish Network. Copyright © MusicDish LLC 2007 - Republished with Permission

    ESJ is looking for writers/poets for our next issues. All work is appreciated and will be published (with the exception of articles containing racism, bigotry or other demeaning topics) Also, this is a PG-13 rating and will be censored if you do not edit it. Please e-mail The EvO:R Street Journal.
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