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  •  The EvO:R Street Journal

    The EvO:R Street Journal
    Editorial statement
    Dedicated to the culture, business and interests of the indie artist. EVJ delivers controversial points of view, hard-news commentary, Industry Insites, artistic prose and photography and welcomes responses (pro or con), feedback and topic suggestions from readers. If you would like to submit an opinionated article, inspired poem, photo or essay to EVJ, forward all copy to Editor ESJ and put To the Editor in the subject field.

    Replies to the "Who the f*** do you think you are?"
    By Frank Cotolo

    This article really hit home for a number of people. The purpose of the EvO:R Street Journal was to get people reading and responding. Over the year we became a bit vanilla in or commentary and Frank admitted that we needed to get some excitement back into the organization. I think he did what he set out to do. Below is a few of the comments that you made....Charlie Harrelson

    If I may just make a simple input on the subject of Frank's artical:
    I know that Frank did not mean this in the way it has been taken by some. Granted his wording was a little strong in areas especially the way he ask the question of who . . . . you think you are. Really that one thing seems to be the thing that hit people the wrong way.

    I get the idea that everything else was accepted as needed comments. Even though it was extremely strong Frank I assure you did not mean to hit anyone or hurt anyone or offend any of the members. He was simply making a strong point and an overall point that applies to some of us but not all of us. It was meant to be a pep talk and the much needed shot in the arm. He means well and does not intend to hurt anyone. He is only trying to get us all to work to promote each other and the cause of the free agent musician which all of you are. Maybe it would have been taken better if he had said . . . who do we think we are? Sometimes we do forget who we are and our main intent overall. I do know th0ugh that was what he was trying to say but only to help us realize we need to promote the right things here. He was not saying do not promote yourselves. Of course we know we must do some self promotion but we need more effort toward the group strength.

    We were getting out of balance and too much self and too little FAM promo. His intent was to boost the spirit of our cause and get us working more for the group effort which will make us all seeing stronger more effective promo for all the members. I believe Frank was trying to say what was needed very much so. Sometimes we do not always say it in the perfect way to please everyone. Someone will always be offended no matter how you choose your words. For all those who were offended please try to understand that Frank meant well for us all. I also wish some of the words would have been chosen differently but I was able to see what his meaning and intent was and that enabled me to overlook some of the wording. I hope that all members will stop and think about what the meaning was. He simply wanted us to fire up and work for the large common cause so you could hopefully reap the benefits later which would probably be more than what promo we could do for ourselves.

    You know when we make effort to help others above ourselves what great blessings come forth and I think we all know why and where it comes from. We all make mistakes and sometimes it is very hard to find the proper choice of words. I just hope evryone will look at his meaning and intent of the whole thing. Personally I would have liked cleaner language but I still realize his point was right and for the right reasons, his aim being to see all members get FAM support and more promo.

    Let's keep his point in mind and use it as a tool to advance our cause. Let's also have some forgiveness for the offense parts or words as we would like to be forgiven ourselvs. Sometimes it is not the point that rubbs people the wrong way but the way it is put accross. So remember good ole Frank meant a useful and important point even though the choice of words may have been too stout for some.

    This is also a test of strength for this group. I think Frank was saying put in a simple way . . . let's do promote ourselves but let's promote the FAM future cause with the larger part of our strength and then maybe we can become a large enough machine to break this new ground for us all.
    Rick Andrews

    To me, it semed like eveything Frank wrote about was pretty much true... Although, Im noy really trying to sell my CD yet,just trying to finish!

    I'll be happy when I have a good 15 songs on it and can put one finished copy on my shelf of pas it on to my daughter.I've had offers from around the world from people wanting to buy my cd and even had one song accepted for an indie film and working on a second,since that one pay's royalties.

    After that, I will not be sending out anymore songs to indie record comanies,agents,a and r people,or clubs. I've alrerady been on t.v,radio and toured different states around the U.S. I guess Im just an old alien who twangs in!
    The Alien Blues Dude

    Well, I will say this much. The "SUBJECT" of this email was a goddamn slap in the face first thing this morning , if nothing else. My first reaction was: "Who the F%*K is asking ME who the f*%k I THINK I AM?!?!?!"

    That being said, I did read this essay by Frank Cotolo. Speaking for myself, as far as his vein:

    "But down the road there will be a price to pay and great disappointment as their bubbles burst from the sharp points of reality."

    Ha - no danger of that magic happening in my case. I have honestly always been involved in music purely for the love of it. The fact that I was almost signed twice (once by a major label and once by an indie) and the fact that both of these situations fell through last-minute did nothing to "burst my bubble". Harsh reality has always been my scope on things, and I have never "aimed for fame". I'm still recording and performing after 28 some-odd years and loving every minute of it. So I guess, goody for me, huh? Whoopeee! Yay!

    However, this essay was well-written and I'm sure applies to many of the FAMs out there in cyberspace today who have taken on this silly, somewhat pathetic over-blown sense of celebrity and importance about themselves and their precious ART. (Hell, sometimes when I read some of my own quotes during interviews I feel like slapping MYSELF in the face. Who the fuck am I, indeed?)

    I'm not sure if it's appropriate or not, but alot of this essay totally cracked me up. Cotolo does have a wacky flair and is nothing if not articulately passionate.

    As far as Frank's show, I have tried on several occasions to tune in, Frank, babe~! The show connection punks out on me and becomes so frustrating that I just give up. Dial-up connection blooz, I guess? But the snippets I have heard have made me curious to hear more. Please know that when DSL comes to my town, I'll be hearing more of you.

    Ok, I need some tea like NOW. Smile~!
    Lynn Ann

    Thank you to Charlie and all who have supported my craft. It was a gift to me you didn't have to give and I do love you for it. I have been nothing but a selfish 'taker' who is sliding into the land of 'mediocrity'. Or could it be that my life has so many other things going on that to take on what you want would take away from my other work or family? Charlie, I hope you stop to realize that not all of us can do what you expect. NOT because we don't want to but because we are trying to survive the other parts of our life.

    Thank you for putting it clearly on the line what you expect from us members. I know I have not been a "conributing" member to you and I have been nothing but a "taker". It's sad to me though, that this is the way in which you feel this is to 'rally the troups'. I hope you simply start requiring a certain amount of payment for the site and specific contribution expectations from here out instead of that kind of letter, though. The f**** letter is pretty out there, Charlie. I have now realized that I need to leave this group for now. Some of the comments lately have been bothering me -the reading is often time a soap opera style dialogue and this letter nails it down clearly. Many comments have become full of anger that I feel is unproductive and unessessary.

    Anyway, I thought I'd better explain why I am leaving Evor. You can make an issue out of it if you want that I've decided to do this or you can just keep this between you and I-that's up to you.

    My son is waiting for me.......


    I love EVoR. I am still very much into the whole thing. As one who ran his own little EVOR-related station, I know how much work Frank puts into his stuff. Charlie is tireless, selfless, and so much more. He very much is EVoR.

    Believe me, Frank's comments are true, and yet, maybe not completely so, they are so raw, that I'll admit, they rubbed me wrong. maybe because I tend to internalize things, take them personally. I don't know. I think actually, the truth is somewhere in between. I hope my music gets heard, but I don't know. I have recorded 14 Cds in the last 4 years and will continue for so long as even 1 person is interested, even if I am that person. Of course I will self-promote, we all will, (be honest). Is that wrong?

    now to the point:
    Who the f**k do I think I am? A father, a son, a brother, a writer, a singer, a player. A certified professional. I am a selfish-selfless tightly-undone sadly ecstatic (to borrow a phrase from PT) person. I am a hero in the eyes of my kids, and that is worth MUCH. I am a big fish in a small pond, a small fish in the biggger ocean of FAM. I am a cynic, a prophet, a moron, a seer, a drunk, a depressive, a hyper-hypothyroid sufferer, a lover, a sinner, a saint (lol), a taxi-driver. I am the man who has the amazing technicolor dreamcoat in the closet, in the VCR, I am the watcher, the doer, the maker of my dreams, the self-actualizer who can't do it alone. I am complex yet simple, deep yet shallow-minded. Finally, I am verbose, overcooked, under-educated, egotistical, humble, quiet, shy and proud to be a musician involved with THIS GROUP. I also know that we all need to realize that community works when we ALL participate.

    Seriously, When I ran EvorCentric, I did it on my own, and put in 12-15 hours per week. May not seem like much to some, but although it wasn't intentional I'm sure, I got the distinct impression back then that it didn't have the 'official seal of approval'. At best, despite promoting EVORVENTRIC like a fiend, I only had 10-15 listeners at any one time. EvorCentric just wasn't a front-page item. So I stopped. I wanted to lend more time to help the community, and I have helped in my way.

    I have high-speed internet, and have helped some here, (you know who you are) uploading music to sites, etc. What I want to get across is that there is no way too small to help in a community, but we ALL need to help keep it going. We also may have ideas that we wold implement if we could get some input or response when we post our ideas. Look at what young girl in Boston achieved (Danielle amazing!)

    I would gladly help upload stuff for people if they need me to. I would gladly Promote or post announcements on newsgroups. I just do not have the rime right now to complie a list of sites. I will continue to help, but here below is what is taking a lot of of my time:
    I am trying to stay involved, here, but JDA is very much into our new project, after which we will be putting together the live act. This and AVALON USA finishing up the new album, is a very busy time.

    If there is any EVoR STUFF I can do, I will though. Just please understand if I have been relatively quiet (for me) of late.

    If you read this far, thanks!

    If not your bodies will break out into millions of little itchy patches that will keep you awake all night long.......

    About Frank Cotolo
    Few, if any, internet-based performers are as prolific or versatile as Frank Cotolo. Soon he will celebrate his 40th anniversary as a professional creative entity (PCE to you). After almost four decades, he continues to produce material as a songwriter, author, poet, lyricist and an award-winning journalist at a breakneck pace because, he says, "somebody has to do it."

    His many incarnations over the decades have astounded reviewers, spiritualists, quick-change artists and certainly other performers. While most internet-based artists are struggling to complete their next track, Cotolo pulls CDs out of his hat, often changing voices and styles quicker than a rat can scale a palm tree.

    He is now an embedded member of the radio team with cotolo chronicles, a weekly talk show that breaks ground in internet radio broadcasting. Every Thursday at 9 p.m., EST, Cotolo continues his love-hate relationship with the entertainment business, with comments, praises, pontifications and insubordinate monologues.... By the way...He also is the editor of the award winning EvO:R Street Journal!


    ESJ is looking for writers/poets for our next issues. All work is appreciated and will be published (with the exception of articles containing racism, bigotry or other demeaning topics) Also, this is a PG-13 rating and will be censored if you do not edit it. Please e-mail The EvO:R Street Journal.
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