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Golddigga Entertainment Releases Diva,
The Debut Album From Keldamuz

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    Golddigga Entertainment Releases Diva, The Debut Album From Keldamuz
    Posted by: "npsfunk"
    Thu Nov 29, 2007 12:59 pm (PST)

    GOLDDIGGA ENTERTAINMENT RELEASES DIVA, THE DEBUT ALBUM FROM KELDAMUZIK Golddigga Entertainment has just released hip hop sensation Keldamuzik's debut album Diva.

    Diva is an 18 track set from this dynamic spitzstress with her own "lyrical word play" that is sure to rekindle the flickering flame for female hip hop artists!

    Keldamuzik's info and CD ordering can be found at, and .

    Growing up and listening to artists like E40, 3 Times Crazy, Mac Dre and the Luniz mixed in with some of her parent's favorites like Heavy D., Prince, TLC and Queen Latifah has definitely given Keldamuzik a strong platform to launch from.

    Drawing from "life's experiences and the work of other writers" has helped Keldamuzik shape tracks like Mr. Right, Give You a Key, or the title track, and "girl power" anthem, Diva. The Diva album is set to explode with other hot joints like Bay Swag featuring Dem Hoodstarz and Excuse Me featuring Numskull of the Luniz.

    While no doubt Keldamuzik is a superb micsmith, it's her writing that she's been honing since her childhood days of writing fairytale stories, that's the real genesis here. As the Oakland CA. based Keldamuzik says about Diva "its music for all ages".

    In 2005 Keldamuzik founded Golddigga Entertainment to release not just her own album but operates as a vehicle to release other artists already signed to the company.

    It also acts as the production company for her hugely popular Diva T.V. hip hop reality show which gives the entrepreneurial spirited actress, model and hip hop artist yet another opportunity to get closer to her ever growing fan base, her fans get closer to her and gives more exposure to her debut album Diva.

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