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June 2007 Newsletter

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    Dedicated to the culture, business and interests of the indie artist. EVJ delivers controversial points of view, hard-news commentary, Industry Insites, artistic prose and photography and welcomes responses (pro or con), feedback and topic suggestions from readers. If you would like to submit an opinionated article, inspired poem, photo or essay to EVJ, forward all copy to Editor ESJ and put To the Editor in the subject field.

    Misc. Indie Music News December 2007...

    In Loving Memory of Graham Green
    Posted by: ""Cleanhead" Joe McGaha"

    It is our sad duty to inform you that Graham Green, our drummer and good friend for the past year, died of injuries from a collision with a drunk driver on Sunday, November 18, 2007. Graham would have been 42 this Thanksgiving. A service will be held at Memory Garden in Brea, California on Friday, November 23rd (the day after Thanksgiving). The band was scheduled to perform at Java Joe's on Saturday, December 1st. Instead, another band will take their spot, and the night will be dedicated to Graham. All proceeds will go to Ellie Green. The drunk driver who caused the crash fled the scene, and was later arrested. He posted bond on November 20th.

    Cowboy Surfer in the News
    Posted by: "Cowboy Surfer"

    Dear Friends and Fans of the Cowboy Surfer.

    It has been quite a week for us here at Seedless Records. Cowboy Surfer is currently at #1 in the charts on in Australia and we are leading in one category in the Rock City News "Rockies" awards. We also have a new My Space page dedicated to our "Live" Performances including two new ones from our recent performance at the Aloha Beach Festival in Ventura.

    None of this would have been possible without the kindness and support of our fans and friends. Without saying much else, we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for your love and support over the years and we vow to continue to work hard to satisfy your musical needs.

    Please read these two Music Industry News Network Press Releases that will explain what is going on with Cowboy Surfer and Seedless Records.

    Cowboy Surfer...
    Mark King Signs Production Contract With BHTC Music
    Posted by: "djdavenewyork"

    DJ Mark King signed an agreement with BHTC Music for the production of House Music. Known for his high energy music sets, Mark King brings a hard, eclectic style to BHTC Music.

    Brooklyn, New York, November 19, 2007 BHTC Music has signed New York Producer/DJ Mark King to a production deal for the release of House Music. As a club DJ, Mark King packs New York City venues with his energetic music sets. He keeps his music selection true to the Electronic Dance Music genre as well as giving the crowd a blend of different remixes. For the production of his tracks DJ Mark King wishes to express his creativity and bring the energy he creates in a club to his works.

    DJ Mark King was born in Nicaragua and was brought to the United States when he was 4 years old. He was raised in Paterson, New Jersey and at the age of 11 was introduced to music when he took up piano lessons. While attending Don Bosco Technical High School, Mark studied various angles of technology which steered him to his first passion: Visual Arts.

    During the 90's Mark King experienced the best that nightclubs had to offer. From late-nights at the Limelight to weekend parties at Twilo, he listened to sets of House Music from New York City DJs. Soon enough DJ Mark King was inspired to purchase a used pair of "Technic's 1200s" and a Vestax DJ Mixer. After shopping at 100's of record stores in the tri-state area he compiled a top-notch record collection that would reflect his personal taste and style.

    One morning at 1:30AM a unique mixing style influenced club-goers at The System nightclub. A true passion for House Music was brought to the public while DJ Mark King played his first set. Since then Mark King has played in and out of the NYC nightlife scene. His past experience and sets at The China Club and Ohm brought him to clubs like Lot 61 and Pink Elephant.

    DJ Mark King's major influences include Masters At Work, Junior Vasquez, Victor Calderone & Steve Lawler. While developing his own style of mixing, Mark King decided to bring his dance floor experience into the studio to create crowd-moving beats. He has created his own style of Deep and Tribal House as well as Hard and Electro House.

    With a passion for House Music and an extensive background in technology Mark has mastered music production. This allows him to translate the energy of a party into his tracks or any mixed set. Recently DJ Mark King has kept crowds dancing at Sol, Nikki Mid-Town, Aer and Dirty Disco. He expects to bring his influences, dance floor energy and talent into the production and release of his works with BHTC Music.

    BHTC Music has released chart topping tracks like "Disco Floor" and "Don't Bother Me" which entered the nightclub scene early this year. Their current single "Bitter Kiss" by Dave Perez Featuring SolyMar* recently peaked at #5 with Australian Radio. Mark King's tracks are scheduled for 2008 release dates.

    For more information regarding DJ Mark King visit and . For information regarding BHTC Music visit .

    A Hip-Hop Elton John?
    Posted by: "soundsmusic"

    (Pittsburgh, PA) - "A Hip-Hop Elton John." That's exactly how Ryan Skyy, a local piano-based singer/songwriter, would describe his debut independent demo CD, BETA version 0.9. And what else would you expect from a 21-year old, soft-spoken, recording artist, who spent the majority of his childhood idolizing piano/pop artists like Billy Joel and Stevie Wonder; while, also sneaking out of his parent's house on the weekends to party at underage hip-hop clubs?

    Ryan's debut (due out November 12th) features five original, self-produced, songs that highlight a unique sound he has developed that communicates sincere, instantly-relatable, lyrics through a landscape of soulful vocals, catchy pianos, and surprisingly modern hip-hop beats.

    Carla Bianco (#1 Billboard singer-songwriter/ASCAP award winner) described him best when she raved "Ryan Skyy is the real thing...the male version of Alicia Keys. A consummate pianist, vocalist and composer with a hip-hop groove." It's no wonder that Ryan's down-to-earth character, melodic gifts, and natural ability to write music that strikes an emotional nerve have connected him to a steadily growing fanbase; which, originated in the hallways of Point Park University and has since begun to spread through local venues and online music communities.

    Despite an avalanche of overwhelmingly positive feedback from fans, and scores of pre-orders for his soon-to-be-released demo CD, Ryan still considers his music to be in its developmental (i.e. 'beta') stage; which, if you've made the connection, is the inspiration behind the title of his CD. Ryan explains, "It's important that I communicate to fans that while I believe my music is ready for release, this demo only represents one stage in a career that will consist of continuous growth and evolution. As my music matures and I grow, I want to document that path and give fans the ability to follow me on my journey. The ultimate culminating release for me will be version 1.0, but that will not be out until a record label contract is signed and a professional LP is released."

    For now, Ryan is staying focused on the beginning stages of his blossoming career and continuing to build momentum in what he hopes will lead him to the forefront of a modern pop renaissance of a piano-based singer/songwriter legacy established by Elton John and Billy Joel. With vocals similar to Gavin Degraw and Justin Timberlake, and a writing style reminiscent of Stevie Wonder, Ryan's catchy, socially conscious, and emotionally driven music is bound to push the envelope on a new era of pop music.

    For more information on Ryan Skyy and Beta version 0.9, visit...
    Debut Album From BBC Featured Artist Kris Searle
    Posted by: "Mi2N"

    The Studios of Dino Maddalone, M4 Recordings in Torrance, CA will be packed to capacity for the highly anticipated debut album event by London recording artist Kris Searle. Music industry professionals, press, talent agents and members of the music world are cordially invited to attend this complimentary event previewing Kris Searle's exciting new album Slowly Diabolical releasing on his label 'Inspire U' Records New Year 2008. About Kris Searle: "Sensitive and engaging," is how BBC Radio describes British-born singer-songwriter Kris Searle's music as UK audiences would like to claim the fast-rising talent as theirs alone, Kris is rapidly building a career that's also attracting the interest of Los Angeles' own music industry heavyweights. When asked about his amazing ability to communicate genuine emotion through his lyrics and melodious soulful vocals sung to pop and rock rhythms, Kris' response is as insightful and poignant as his songs. "I see the audience in the same situations I'm singing about," Searle says, "and I absolutely love this because I want to give people a universal experience, validating that what they feel is real, that someone else has been through the same thing."

    Producer Dino Maddalone (Winner of 4 LA Music Awards, 12 GMA Dove Nominations), with recording artists featured: Gregg Wright (guitarist for Michael Jackson, Mick Fleetwood, Greg Allman), Billy Meza & Ruben Valtierra (keyboardist for Weird Al Yankovic), Jimbo Ross (string artist for American Idol, Celine Dion, Aerosmith, P. Diddy, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page), Dig Lewis (Bass player for John Mellencamp, Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner, Boz Skaggs), Leslie Stoddard (Award winning guitarist and Nominated for `best debut album' at LA Music Awards), Al Salas (percussionist for Brother Johnson), among other music celebrities featured at this live debut album event. Friday, Nov- 30 at 7:30 p.m.PDT

    This sparkling evening will feature a welcome and introduction by the artist and host/ producer Dino Maddalone. Featured tracks will be sampled with refreshments. A complimentary EP promo album and gift will be given to all attendees. This event is an occasion not to be missed, November 30, 2007. Doors open promptly at 7:30 pm at Dino Maddalone Recording Studios, located at 2367 208 th Street, Suite 7, Torrance, CA. RSVP required.

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