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    Dedicated to the culture, business and interests of the indie artist. EVJ delivers controversial points of view, hard-news commentary, Industry Insites, artistic prose and photography and welcomes responses (pro or con), feedback and topic suggestions from readers. If you would like to submit an opinionated article, inspired poem, photo or essay to EVJ, forward all copy to Editor ESJ and put To the Editor in the subject field.

    Perfect Bands - The Who, The Beatles, And DEVO?
    By David Rosenthal

    Because of a TV show I saw last night I'm in the mood to write about what I consider to be basically perfect bands. That means almost every song on every album sounds good. Today I've chosen The Who The Beatles and DEVO, and yes, I know Queen, Rush and Sabbath should be on the list, but let's try just 3 at a time. And most of this piece is going to be about the Who anyway.

    I'm not a rock historian. Just a guy. But I'm from Chicago, and this city is a Rock Town. I mean, it's so MANY things musically: Blues, House, Jazz even. But when you turn on the radio you'd be surprised at how much "classic rock" is still on the radio. I sure as hell was when I came back a couple of years ago. And I like it. I went through years when I just couldn't take standard rock, but I can appreciate it again now. And more importantly some music in that genre I've never stopped liking. My age is scary to me. How old I've gotten and my own mortality, plus I don't have a wife and family yet, BUT I' am so extremely happy about being around for the music; I;ve been alive to experience some of the best music ever. Being alive from the late 60's to the present is just a fantastic time to have lived-musically speaking.

    I heard this Who song on the radio driving the other day Eminence Front. That intro, like so many Who intros, is just mesmerizing. It is just perfect music. And here' the funny part; its dated! In a good way. It's a DEFINING sound of the 80's and I don't know why, but it SOUNDS like the 80's just as sure as My Generation says 60's. But it's got heart and soul and just sounds good. And last night VH1 did one of their Rock Docs on the Who, and honestly Vh1 did it again-in terms of pulling back the curtain and showing us something that needed to be shown. AND NO COMMERCIALS. They ran it straight through. Wow. My piece on the Salt N Pepper Show gets traffic all day, every day because VH1 is onto something (don't even get me started on the Bonaduce show!).

    So the WHO are really like a definitive rock band. I mean the 60's can really be relived via sound by just listening to Who albums. The weird thing is I didn't grow up thinking of myself as a Who fan, but so much of their music is just KNOWN to me. In my mind the TV band, the Monkees had taken their cue from the Beatles, but now that I LISTEN to the Who it's clear the impact they had on that group also. Watching that VH1 special I realized I knew and liked every single song that played. And looking at the footage I also realized they truly embodied that "British Invasion" vibe more than anybody; with those Union Jack clothes and those concentric circles that I really first saw when I was a punk rocker and our sort of "sister league" were the Mods. In fact Keith Moon's entire wardrobe should be on display somewhere. And the attitude! I really wonder if Warren Ellis had them in mind when he co-created the Authority.

    The perfection of the Beatles is not even something I'm going to attempt to write about. But again, the other day I was listening to the radio, and heard some George Harrison music. And started doing some internet research and BOOM. So many of the songs I think of as Lennon/McCartney songs were actually Harrison. And every album he put out, when I look back, like 'em all! Want to really get freaked out? Do an internet search for a photo of Harrison's son Dhani.

    And to make another odd connection here. It's well known that Harrison's involvement in Hindu philosophy and bringing to the spotlight Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, was a big deal. But to go back to the Who for a second. Pete Townsend was a major follower of a different Hindu spiritual leader, Meher Baba. Meher was mostly known for his long standing vow of silence, and probably not as well known inspiring Bobby McFerrin's hit song (because Don't Worry be Happy was Meher's main saying).

    Back to my radio listening. A little over 2 weeks ago I was listening to Mark's Friday afternoon program. He had done a rather unusual thing for a KXLU DJ. He had pre-recorded an interview with somebody. Mark Mothersbaugh from Devo. Great. Just great. Learned all kinds of crazy new stuff about Devo. And here's the weirdest thing; they were around in 1973! Check out this video of their first live show.
    David T Rosenthal. Chicago native, lived in New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo. Graduated Columbia University. Did film/tv acting. Studied Bujinkan Taijutsu. Comic book and movie fan. Renovating my home.


    ESJ is looking for writers/poets for our next issues. All work is appreciated and will be published (with the exception of articles containing racism, bigotry or other demeaning topics) Also, this is a PG-13 rating and will be censored if you do not edit it. Please e-mail The EvO:R Street Journal.
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