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    The EvO:R Street Journal
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    Dedicated to the culture, business and interests of the indie artist. EVJ delivers controversial points of view, hard-news commentary, Industry Insites, artistic prose and photography and welcomes responses (pro or con), feedback and topic suggestions from readers. If you would like to submit an opinionated article, inspired poem, photo or essay to EVJ, forward all copy to Editor ESJ and put To the Editor in the subject field.

    INDIE MUSIC NEWS...November 2007

    International Music Industry Yellow Pages

    International Music Industry Yellow Pages Update have you submitted your details yet (don't miss out)

    Calling all artists and people within the music industry please place your company details in the directory as we are updating all contacts within the Industry.

    The Directory is viewable to members only

    Membership and yellow pages submission is free :

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    Karlex Seeking US Label To Build On European Success

    Afro-Groove, singer/songwriter Karlex is looking over the Atlantic to build on his growing success across in Europe, actively seeking a label to release his debut CD "Ghetto Fabulous." Kalex will be performing at the BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) Cafe Live as part of the 'Music Is The Weapon' weekend benefit presented by MusicDish on April 4-5, 2008. Signed with Lil' People Records in France and distributed in the Netherlands and UK, the Haitian American artist has been making waves ever since the release of his album in the fall of 2006. Karlex recently completed a radio promotion campaign through Twin Vision, resulting in 65 Triple-A radio stations/shows picking it up across the country, including Bridgeport (CT), Tampa (FL), Lafayette/Baton Rouge (LA), Grand Rapids (MI), St. Louis (MO), Minneapolis (MN), Trenton (NJ), Santa Fe (NM), Philadelphia (PA), Cleveland (OH), Portland (OR), Houston (TX), and Madison (WI). He has also received airplay on over 50 radio stations in France's major markets.

    Karlex has also maintained a high visibility online through the MusicDish Network, with features on ARTISTdirect, UBL and Amie Street Music in the last 2 months. His music videos 'Let's Harmonize (A Bom Bom)' and 'Farewell Angel' Music Videos have been featured on over 25 video sites, reaching Top 3 in

    Starting with an official MIDEM '07 showcase, Karlex spent a busy year on the road. He was the first musical act to be invited to perform the IDTGV, a part of the SNCF which runs France's high-speed trains; with a seven day summer tour on the Paris-Perpignan TGV train line. He also played on a 5-city Dutch tour coinciding with the album's release in the Netherlands, as well as two showcase performances at London Calling '07. Soon after the albums release, "Ghetto Fabulous" was selected by "Arte TV" as an October Event and by "Radio Africa No 1" as Album Of The Week leading up to the release. Karlex was invited to perform on his song "I've Got News For You..." France 2's 'Live Acoustic', while also being chosen by Acoustic Fuel as a 'Daily ReFill - In Celebration of Black History Month.'

    For more information on Karlex:


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