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  •  The EvO:R Street Journal

    The EvO:R Street Journal
    Editorial statement
    Dedicated to the culture, business and interests of the indie artist. EVJ delivers controversial points of view, hard-news commentary, Industry Insites, artistic prose and photography and welcomes responses (pro or con), feedback and topic suggestions from readers. If you would like to submit an opinionated article, inspired poem, photo or essay to EVJ, forward all copy to Editor ESJ and put To the Editor in the subject field.

    Say, Good-ye To Hello
    By Darryl Bryant

    Elvis said, "Good-bye to hello", with-out the "O"; Yes, yes, Oh yes!; In everything he did and said, by grace with his "human side"! Abide with us, to write of you, as we listen to you sing with heart! Heart-attack us "Elvis" too, into new, newness of life, with the spirit of truth.

    Alive and well, "Now we too can say, "Good-bye to Hello", without the "O"; Yes! Yes! "Elvis your so called laid to rest, but your best, has more than taken to heart with us; We can't leave your first love alone, from your 'Gospel Songs", on up!; And then some!

    On earth as it is in "Heaven", "You were great at saying good-bye, "thank-you very much!"; As no one but you could say it so well; Good-bye was nice, but "thank you very much", said it better in spirit, from your heart to ours! You could say more than words can speak!; Strong in the spirit of love! It's no wonder, people know it more, as when you sang of it; You spoke, beyond each and every word, of your songs, and personality of heart! Less is more, brought on the true full fullness of meaning, as it never could be done, by poets and writers alike; unless, it was spoken by the fullness of love itself; Where you fill this fullness now, is our great hope, as well; beyond even the feel so called chills up the spine, better yet still, it's divine; And you deserve great reward, in the here-after, we hope to see you have, and hear you sing!

    You want the best for us, thank's for leaving enough love for us to still grow-in-to!; You left enough behind, that we know part of why, your songs are making more out of the body; While your in the "heavenly bodies", with a new body, you so much deserve! Thank's for helping us too, say "Good-bye", to "hello" with-out the "o"; And with you in our hearts, may our spirits, do well, from our souls to your's, as we offer our gifts of talent, in hopes to speak with the power of love, more is which still to come, of you, and the spirit of truth, that you were ever so humble enough, to admit too; Even with your not asked for, "Super-star" so called status; You would break your own T.V.'s, and over-eat, so as to please our hearts, clear until your heart finally failed, due to many unexpected circumstances; including the small print, that made it hard to say, "Good-bye to Hello" with-out the "O", and more than, "a shocker"; When not allowed to speak-out in your own church, of your home-town, as the small print prevented it, and then some, I suppose!

    To seek out, and "Not" to divide and conquer; But let love, through encouragements of talents, without jealousy, nor envy; That has, and can again rob us of the best of the best, has to offer, at this time period. Having oats for brains, humbleness of heart, if that's what it take's to help feed the world, a bowl of oats daily, in the least so they too, can even in the here and now, now!; Wow! Share what, we've helped give them a chance too! Talents can be as vast as the Universe has stars, and I hope in faith, to see these "new universes" of talents, love offers somewhat now even, as we give heed, to the needs.


    ESJ is looking for writers/poets for our next issues. All work is appreciated and will be published (with the exception of articles containing racism, bigotry or other demeaning topics) Also, this is a PG-13 rating and will be censored if you do not edit it. Please e-mail The EvO:R Street Journal.
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