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    Dedicated to the culture, business and interests of the indie artist. EVJ delivers controversial points of view, hard-news commentary, Industry Insites, artistic prose and photography and welcomes responses (pro or con), feedback and topic suggestions from readers. If you would like to submit an opinionated article, inspired poem, photo or essay to EVJ, forward all copy to Editor ESJ and put To the Editor in the subject field.

    July 10, 2006 Edition

    * Avenue 707 Announces Release Of Much-Anticipated First Album
    * Gisele Scales 2 Think
    * Who Invented Rock Cello?
    * Operation Hero Miles Fundraiser Begins July 4, 2006
    * Billy Bragg Wins Lawsuit Agaisnt Myspace TOAs
    * Kevin Lee Releases "Flip The Switch" On Sigus Records
    * Angela Carole Brown Wins With Her Debut Novel, Trading Fours
    * Rap Group Accuses Snoop And The Dogg Pound Of Jacking, Order Cease And Desist
    * Dolemite's Legendary Original Motion Picture Soundtrack To Be Reissued For The First Time On CD

    Avenue 707 Announces Release Of Much-Anticipated First Album

    Newly formed West Coast rap/urban hip hop group Avenue 707 celebrates the release of their first album, Avenue 707, on Hangout Records. The Bay Area group brings together four talented members, each with rich and diverse musical experiences: Vallejo-based rapper and songwriter D.K. Hogg, whose R & B background adds strength of vocals and depth of style to the mix; singer/songwriter Nay, whose participation in church and school choirs from an early age provides soulful style to the lyrics and composition; rapper, producer, and songwriter Yung E who looks to his jazz roots to add rhythm to the group's dynamics; and the youngest band member, Ms. Day, who electrifies listeners with her personal combination of poetry, soul and song.

    The result of this unification of soul and spirit is an album that demonstrates that diverse interests and talent, mixed with common goals, leads to a successful group of friends showcasing their faith in music and in one another. The seventeen-track album highlights the individual talent of each member, while at the same time creating an album representative of the group's goal‹bringing "young school and old school together."

    One reviewer writes: "[It's] not the overworked, over-produced, commercial hype you're used to. Lots of groups talk about 'keepin' it real;' Avenue 707 does. A sound that's tight and arrangements that let the feelings of the artists themselves come through. An excellent debut, and good reason to look for future trips down 'the avenue.'"

    The arrangements vary from softer, soulful songs like "Heart Still Remember" and "This Life" to rhythmic, hip hop tracks like "Get Wit It" and "Round Here." This diversity lends a feeling of old-meets-new to the album, making Avenue 707 the culmination of a true musical journey.

    Avenue 707 represents more than a debut album for a group of talented singer/songwriters and rappers. It is the result of hard work and determination by Elwin Maiden and Jeff Nixon, two longtime friends and band mates who came together to start a family-run label, Hangout Records, in 2005. Maiden and Nixon decided to create an enterprise where their creativity and funk background could work with fresh talent to produce records that represented their own ideas of musical freedom.

    The result is Avenue 707, a unique blend of singing, songwriting, artistic freedom and creation, and heartfelt music that brings together history, family, love of music, and the goal of spreading the funk around. As the band says, "Whoever you are, whatever you do, everyone likes to hangout!"


    Gisele Scales 2 Think

    It's now official! Gisele Scales is billed as one of "the hottest unsigned dance artists from all over the globe" with the inclusion of her track Versuch es on the Tunetank MMC10 Dance 2006 CD. Add to this the inclusion of her track Café on the AIR Annual Vol.8 Electronica/Hip Hop compilation, and you'll appreciate the amazing effect her music is having on movers and shakers worldwide.

    Gisele Scales "2 Think" CD is an inspirational journey. Of driving beats, irresistible electric violin breaks, and uplifting vocals in English, French, Italian and German. This is a journey that will have you reaching for the play button, over and over again.

    Having had success with the European No.1 funk single "Mother Egypt" by Vega, as well as a string of album credits with the likes of Midnight Oil, Eurogliders and Jeannie Lewis, Gisele now unleashes her solo dance CD on an unsuspecting public. Think Kraftwerk meets Deep Dish meets Les Rythmes Digitales.

    Possibly best known as a music presenter with BBC & ABC Radio and Qantas Inflight, composer/violinist/vocalist Gisele Scales has come up with a dance music CD, that will engage lovers of electro, techno, breakbeat, rock, pop, tango, world music, the blues and classical alike.

    Aware of the power of music to change lives, the "2 Think" lyrics motivate even the most hardened of cynics. Universal themes of love and respect, dedication to a higher power, and recognition of the individual's unique place in this world, leave you with the feeling that you can achieve absolutely anything! Happiness is but a state of mind.


    Who Invented Rock Cello?

    Who was the teenager who virtually invented rock cello in the 1970's? Yes, there were a few cellists playing rock back then, but most were classical cellists lucky enough to get a gig with an established band. This cellist was already an accomplished rock guitarist when he decided to study the cello with the expressed desire of making the cello into a rock instrument. It all started one day when he took home a cello from school, placed it over his knees, pulled out a guitar pick, and started strumming.

    He called his new style, "celtar". He went on to publish over a dozen music books with Oxford University Press that created a blue print for his new style. He is a Yamaha Artist, a D'Addario Artist, in Who's Who in America, and the International Who's Who. He has performed on FOX and Friends, Good Day New York, the Joey Reynolds Show, among other s. Have you guessed it yet? He is Von Cello, the leader of the Von Cello Band, the first cello fronted power trio in history! The band released their first CD, "Von Cello Rules!", a few years ago, and just released their second CD, "Excalibur" (Von Cello - Excallibur), this year. Vermont DJ, Edward Burke (WWPV 88.7-FM) reviewed the CD and wrote the following:

    "At first glance, Von Cello may seem no more than a mere novelty - cello and rock music? Total gimmick, right? That's where you'd be wrong. Von Cello, aside from spending years of honing and developing his cool Śceltar' style, is an actual, accomplished classical cello composer. This album proves that fact by taking three, note-worthy classic rock songs, (as well as some unique original tunes), and making them Von Cello's own. The slow groove on the instrumental cover of the Beatle's "Dear Prudence" makes the cut, in this reviewer's opinion, much more powerful then the original. Von Cello takes the Dead's "The Other One" to new heights, and the frantic version of Hendrix's "Purple Haze" must be just plain if Hendrix's version wasn't frantic enough."

    After the heyday of classic rock, the major record companies turned away from instrumentalists and started promoting singers who dance, dancers who sing, and entertainers who rap. Finding no industry interest in revolutionary rock cello playing, Von Cello went back to performing classical music, his cello etudes, and American standards. But when the internet heated up, he joined the indie revolution. He launched and soon rose to the top of most search engines. Just do a Google search on "rock cello" and see who comes up first! There are now thousands of pages on the web that mention him.

    His band tours the country and gets radio play around the world. By now Von Cello should be a household name, yet he still suffers from the narrow-mindedness of a music industry that keeps releasing endless versions of what has already been done. So, despite years of indie success, Von Cello remains, "almost famous". If you haven't heard of him yet...that is why. But now you have heard of him! So spread the word! Help Von Cello go from almost famous to really famous. Then his innovative, genre busting ideas will finally get their due, and the cello will take its place next to the guitar and the other great instruments in the rock n' roll instrument hall of fame!


    Operation Hero Miles Fundraiser Begins July 4, 2006

    July 4, 2006, is the official start of the "Let Them Go First" fundraiser for Operation Hero Miles, the designated charity for LTG1 that permits you to donate frequent flier miles to the families of soldiers injured during service in Iraq and Afghanistan. Your unused frequent flier miles are used to fly injured soldiers families to the military hospital where they are being cared for, wherever that might be.

    To donate your frequent flier miles to this noble cause, visit the Fisher House Foundation at HeroMiles. You can now purchase the song "Let Them Go First" as a download! $1.00 from each download sold is donated to Fisher House Foundation/Operation Hero Miles. Let Them Go First is available for sale as a download on the official LTG1 website at

    Proceeds donated to Operation Hero Miles from the sale of "Let Them Go First" will be used by Operation Hero Miles to pay for related flight expenses, such as ticket taxes, airport fees and airport security for the families so that the families do not incur any expenses, and a small portion of the funds goes to support Operation Hero Miles. Operation Hero Miles works in conjunction with the major U.S. airlines, and is operated by the Fisher House Foundation.


    Billy Bragg Wins Lawsuit Agaisnt Myspace TOAs

    I am very pleased to see that MySpace have changed their terms of agreement from a declaration of their rights into a declaration of our rights as artists, making it clear that, as creators, we retain ownership of our material. Having been adopted by the biggest social networking site on the block, I hope their recognition of the right of the artist to be sole exploiter of their own material now becomes an industry standard because there is much more at stake here than just the terms and conditions of a website.

    In the past, songwriters and performers needed a record company to manufacture, market and distribute their work, and in exchange for that, the company expected to own the rights to exploit the recordings for as long as the material was capable of earning royalties - life of copyright in legalese which currently means 50 years.

    I've always had a problem with that arrangement, arguing that the recordings I've made should provide my pension not that of some record company executive. In order to achieve this, I have held on to my rights, signing licensing deals in which ownership of the records reverts to me after a stipulated period, usually ten years. I figure that if a company cant make their money back after that time, they dont deserve to put out my records anyway.

    Every few years, the reversion clause kicks in, my back catalogue returns to my ownership and I begin the licensing process all over again. Not only does this strengthen my hand in contract negotiations, it also allows me to take account of new technologies in a rapidly changing industry.

    Now that the popularity of downloading has made physical manufacturing and distribution no longer necessary, the next generation of artists will not need to surrender all of their rights in order to get their music into the marketplace. It is therefore crucial that they understand, from the moment that they first post music on the internet, the importance of retaining their long term right to exploit the material that they create. This is doubly important on a networking site where many of the songs posted will be by unsigned artists. Ownership of the rights to such material is somewhat ambiguous. Thats why I hope that the groundbreaking decision of MySpace to come down on the side of the artists rights will be followed throughout the industry.

    I also welcome the new wording of the terms and conditions in which MySpace clarify exactly why they require specific rights and how they intend to use them. Again, I hope more sites follow the lead of MySpace in ensuring the use of clear and transparent language in contracts. The last thing any of us wants to see is a situation in which everyone posting a song on the site has to have a lawyer sitting next to them.

    Im glad my music is available to the community again and Im glad that MySpace chose to act on my concerns. In order that we might avoid any such confusion in future, can I suggest that MySpace notify its members of any changes in the terms and conditions whenever they take place.

    Billy Bragg


    Kevin Lee Releases "Flip The Switch" On Sigus Records

    Chicago-based singer-songwriter Kevin Lee checks back in with his faithful with the release of his third solo cd "Flip the Switch" on Sigus records. The disc is another leg of Lee's lifetime journey through the land of melodic pop/rock and showcases his songwriting and vocal talents to great effect. Lee's sound is anchored in the last 30 years of pop songwriting and expanded by his unchecked rock and roll influence, creating music with ties to it's classic past as well as a modern rock edge. Co-produced with Josh Shapera, "Flip the Switch" leans more heavily on the rock side of Lee's musical personality and delivers a satisfying blast of melody and unbridled rock energy. Songs like "Built To Burn", "Save Me Tonight", and the radio-ready "All I Want" show Lee at the top of his artistic and commercial game.

    Kevin Lee is an experienced rock musician and songwriter with the power to craft timeless music that appeals to the head as well as the heart. "Flip the Switch" is Lee's strongest effort to date and is the most fully realized version of his musical vision to hit the streets. It's only a matter of time before "Flip the Switch" is blasting out of radios all over the world.


    Angela Carole Brown Wins With Her Debut Novel, Trading Fours

    Acclaimed singer/songwriter Angela Carole Brown, who has been an active fixture on the L.A. music scene for over two decades, has released her debut novel, TRADING FOURS, on Infinity Publishing.

    As featured on KPFK's Arts in Review with Julio Martinez, KUCI's BlackListed with TR Black, and with an honorable mention in Music Connection Magazine,TRADING FOURS has already been hailed a "'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance' for musicians."

    In TRADING FOURS, Angela brings a bit of her own experiences and those of her musical comrades to light in this fictional tale that sets itself on one day in the life of four Los Angeles musicians, whose lives intersect, much like the very intersection of a musical trading fours that builds to a great dramatic cadence.


    Rap Group Accuses Snoop And The Dogg Pound Of Jacking, Order Cease And Desist

    Godz Gift, a Los Angeles based rap duo, has issued an immediate cease and desist order to Doggy Style Records and Koch Entertainment that could halt the release of The Dogg Pound's sophomore album Cali Iz Active, which hits stores next week.

    The group is alleging that "Hard On A Hoe," a song off Cali Iz Active, uses the same beat and chorus off one of the duo's songs posted on their web page.

    "The actual court filing has not taken place as of the memo, however, the group (Godz Gift) has issued an immediate cease and desist to Doggy Style Records and Koch Entertainment," the group's representative confirmed with SOHH.

    The duo is presently trying to settle the issue. If all the parties fail to come to an agreement in the next few days, an injunction will be sought.

    "These young men (Godz Gift) aren't looking for 5 minutes of fame, at the expense of The Dogg Pound; they simply seek justice for work earnestly created" added the representative. "It's difficult enough in the music business, one so rooted by deception; we now have established artists feeling the pressure to meet deadlines that the creative process has to be compromised."

    Koch representatives were not available for comment.


    Dolemite's Legendary Original Motion Picture Soundtrack To Be Reissued For The First Time On CD

    Relapse Records is proud to present the complete soundtrack to the legendary 'blaxploitation' film classic DOLEMITE.

    Fans of the legendary 'blaxploitation' film classic DOLEMITE can now experience, for the first time ever on CD, the wild and funky sounds of this hugely influential piece of cinematic history. DOLEMITE's original motion picture soundtrack is to be reissued on June 27 in North America (July 3 Internationally) courtesy of Relapse Records.

    This deluxe reissue also includes rare and exclusive bonus tracks and radio ads from the film and its sequel THE HUMAN TORNADO, as well as an extensive 28 page booklet with never before seen 'behind the scenes' photos, exhaustive liner notes on the film and Moore's career written by his official biographer Mark Jason Murray, and much more. DOLEMITE's original motion picture soundtrack also features the recording debut of Grammy Award winning artist James Ingram ("Just Once", "Yah Mo Be There", etc.). The soundtrack will also be issued in a deluxe gatefold vinyl version limited to 1,000 copies.


    Provided by the MusicDish Network. Copyright © Tag It 2005 - Republished with Permission


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