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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
 The Independent Artists Streaming Samples
    Our Picks for Great Childrens Music
What could be better then to expose children to music. Music opens peoples minds. Listen to the artists on this page and support Independent Music.

If you enjoy the music of any of the artists in this section we ask that you support them by purchasing one of their CD's..
  Links to all the Music Samples- Listed by Genre.

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Childrens Music Samples Page

CD price: $15.00
CD IN STOCK. ORDER NOW. Will ship immediately.

BILLY JONAS: What Kind Of Cat Are You?

Billy Jonas' fans will make music in all new ways as they enjoy this award-winning (2002 Parent's Choice Gold Star) collection of 13 interactive songs. Like a virtual song leader at a lively campfire, "What Kind of Cat Are You?!" encourages everyone to use their own voices and any handy item to "sing, dance, snap, tap, clap their hands and join the band!"

Song Samples

  •   Tongo!
  •   Some Houses
  •   Old St. Helen
  •   Nocturnal

  • CD price: $15.00
    Will ship immediately.

    CD from Dan Zanes on the Festival Five label. This is the sound of friends getting together with electric and acoustic guitars, fiddles, tubas, accordions, harmonicas, tambourines, drums, banjos, mandolins, and voices, to sing and play traditional and original songs.

    Family dance is a natural blend of folk, rock and roll, fiddle tunes, a capella hip hop, and dancehall- musical traditions of one sort or another updated for the 21st century in the relaxed and soulful style that made "Rocket Ship Beach" so popular with families around the world.

    Song Samples

  •  Jump Up
  •  Rock Island Line
  •  Malti (with Barbara Brousal
  •  The Hokey Pokey
  •  Water For the Elephants
  •  Linstead Market
  •  Fooba Wooba John (with Rosanne Cash)

  • CD price: $12.97
    CD IN STOCK. ORDER NOW. Will ship immediately.
    DAVID HOLT: Stellaluna

    Stellaluna is the tender story of a lost young bat who finally finds her way safely back home to her mother and friends. This award-winning book by Janell Cannon has sold over 500,000 copies and was on the bestseller list for over two years. As an audio recording, it earned the Grammy Award for Best Children's Spoken Word production.

    Song Samples

  •  Stellaluna
  •  Why The Bat Flies At Night
  •  Hattie, The Backstage Bat
  •  Amazing Bat Facts
  •  Stellaluna's Theme

  • CD price: $14.00
    CD IN STOCK. ORDER NOW. Will ship immediately.
    ELIZABETH MITCHELL: You Are My Sunshine

    Elizabeth Mitchell, a former assistant teacher at the Roosevelt Island Day Nursery in NYC, is a founding member of the NYC band Ida. Formed in Brooklyn in 1992, Ida have released 5 full length albums on independent labels. Their release "Will You Find Me," on Tigerstyle records, was voted album of the week by Jon Pareles in the New York Times, August 18, 2000, and named among the years end list "undeservedly obscure- the best overlooked music of 2000" by Ann Powers, also in the New York Times.

    Song Samples

  •  Ladybug Picnic
  •  Hey Bo Diddley
  •  Ooby Dooby
  •  You Are My Sunshine

  • Click here for more great childrens music

    The EvO:R Virtual Kiosk CD Mall- Visit the Virtual CD Mall today and browse through one of the most comprehensive CD listing of Independent music from distributors s/a CD Baby, and Peaceworkmusic Network. The Virtual Mall is set up just like a real shopping mall with plenty of stores that specialize in specific music genres such as Blues, Rock, Jazz, New Age, World, Metal, Electric, just to name a few.

    All CD orders are done via a secured server so your purchase is secure and your information is NOT shared with anyone else. Please take a few minutes to look around, then book-mark the section so you can return to really spend some time in this great music Mall.

    The Virtual Mall is the brainchild of EvO:R Founder Charlie Harrelson and was designed with one thought in mind. To return to the practice of purchasing CD's. Not just single song downloads from lower quality MP3 files. We feel that there is still something special to be said for CD ownership and we hope that by making so much great music available under on Virtual roof that people will be excited about the prospects of owning new music CDs once again.

    Bend'em, Don't Break'em
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