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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
 The Independent Artists Streaming Samples
    Our Picks for Great 80's Rock Music
I know what you're going to say already. How can a website that is dedicated to supporting the Independent Musician have pages of CD offerings from popular artists that signed with major labels?

After realizing that this great collection of music was now available for sale I had to step outside of my Independent Musician box and post pages that support both the Independent and the great artists from the past. I'm sure you will agree that both worlds can co-exist on EvO:R.

If you enjoy the music of any of the artists in this section we ask that you support them by purchasing one of their CD's..
  Links to all the Music Samples- Listed by Genre.

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80's Music Samples Page

CD price: $14.99
CD IN STOCK. ORDER NOW. Will ship immediately.

CHEAP TRICK: Cheap Trick

Cheap Trick are legends and this CD continues in the fine rock and roll tradition they started in the 1970s. Click on the sound samples and see why this disc is a must have for your collection.

"This sounds so much like their first 3 classic albums, that I find it a shame that this album didnt push back to the top like it should have. This disc ROCKS, period. It's as good as anything they ever did. Who would have thought in 1997 they could sound this great. It has remained in heavy rotation in my player.
Song Samples

  •  Anytime
  •  Hard To Tell
  •  Carnival Game
  •  Shelter
  •  You Let A Lotta People Down
  •  Baby No More
  •  Yeah Yeah
  •  Say Goodbye
  •  Wrong All Along
  •  Eight Miles Low
  •  It All Comes Back To You

  • CD price:$8.00
    Will ship immediately.

    CRUISE MISSILE: Beneath the Scarlet Sky
    As the College years came upon us, Sun Machine disolved. The members all going to different schools. So the time came to search out a new band. I went to High School with several of the members of Cruise Missile, and after a couple of try outs I decided to go METAL! I must warn the listeners, these tracks have been taken from a cassette tape that was recorded in 1989. The audio is a bit shakey at times. We frequently played Baity's Backstreet Music Garden in Winston-Salem NC. Most of these tracks are from live board recordings at Baity's circa 1989. Please enjoy this blast from my past!
    Song Samples

  •  Distant Man
  •  Rain Comes Down (Live)
  •  Hey Baby (Live)
  •  I Know You (Live)
  •  Invisible (Live)
  •  Non-Compliant (Live)
  •  I Fear You

  • MP3 price: $9.99
    CD IN STOCK. ORDER NOW. Will ship immediately.
    DIRTY LOOKS: Superdeluxe

    Dirty Looks returns with "Superdeluxe" the greasiest rock record to hit the street since the infamous " Cool From The Wire" and its follow-up "Turn of the Screw". Superdeluxe reunites the original line-up of Henrik Ostergaard, vocals/guitar, Paul Lidel, guitar, Jack Pyers, bass, with the addition of Jeremy Hummel on drums.
    Superdeluxe is full of that vintage Dirty Looks sound to satisfy all the diehard fans and forge ground with a whole new generation. Henrik's vocal performance screams with raw emotion, that if possible, exceeds all of his previous performances leaving no doubt this guy is at the top of his game and possibly one of the best balls out singers there is.
    Song Samples

  •  Bring Me Down
  •  A Million Miles
  •  Wide Glide
  •  Dead Movie Star
  •  Forever
  •  Fast Ride
  •  Blue Light
  •  Not Enough
  •  Thin Red Line
  •  Steppin Stone

  • CD price: $12.97
    CD IN STOCK. ORDER NOW. Will ship immediately.
    ROUGH TRADE: Birds Of A Feather

    Greatest hits compilation from Canadian new wave rock band Rough Trade.
    Song Samples

  •  Birds Of A Feather
  •  High School Confidential
  •  All Touch
  •  Weapons
  •  Up Against The Wall
  •  Insatiable
  •  Fashion Victim
  •  Crimes Of Passion
  •  Territorial
  •  Shaking The Foundations

  • CD price: $13.50
    CD IN STOCK. ORDER NOW. Will ship immediately.
    ROBBIN THOMPSON: Two B's Please
    Two B's Please was released in 1980 and sold 200,000 copies. it includes Sweet Virginia Breeze, a song that is considered the unofficial state song of Virginia.

    Brite Eyes was in the billboard magazine top 60 at the time of it's release on vinyl.

    Background vocals on the majority of the disc are performed by eagles bassist Timothy B. Schmit and Firefall's Rick Roberts.

    Song Samples

  •  Trainride
  •  All Alone in the Endzone
  •  Rock & Roll Singer
  •  Sweet Virginia Breeze

  • CD price: $12.00
    CD IN STOCK. ORDER NOW. Will ship immediately.
    THE SHIVVERS: Lost Hits 1979-82

    Simply put,the best American female fronted-vocal powerpop band ever. A guaranteed treat for fans of 60's Spector/Brill-Building girl-groups-with a Raspberries/Badfinger/Pretenders sound:loud, hard and catchy.12 studio tracks, plus 8 great live songs from a 1982 radio broadcast. Also includes 5 music videos. Double-gatefold insert with extensive notes and never-before seen photos. 80 minutes of total pop!<
    Song Samples

  •  Teenline
  •  No Substitute
  •  Please Stand By
  •  Remember Tonight
  •  When I Was Younger
  •  Hold On
  •  Blue In Heaven

  • The EvO:R Virtual Kiosk CD Mall- Visit the Virtual CD Mall today and browse through one of the most comprehensive CD listing of Independent music from distributors s/a CD Baby, and Peaceworkmusic Network. The Virtual Mall is set up just like a real shopping mall with plenty of stores that specialize in specific music genres such as Blues, Rock, Jazz, New Age, World, Metal, Electric, just to name a few.

    All CD orders are done via a secured server so your purchase is secure and your information is NOT shared with anyone else. Please take a few minutes to look around, then book-mark the section so you can return to really spend some time in this great music Mall.

    The Virtual Mall is the brainchild of EvO:R Founder Charlie Harrelson and was designed with one thought in mind. To return to the practice of purchasing CD's. Not just single song downloads from lower quality MP3 files. We feel that there is still something special to be said for CD ownership and we hope that by making so much great music available under on Virtual roof that people will be excited about the prospects of owning new music CDs once again.

    Bend'em, Don't Break'em
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