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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  The EvO:R Links Section
        The CD Distribution Links Section

    Welcome to the EvO:R Ultimate Links Section. Simply pick any selection from our list of linked topics. Each topic has plenty of websites available so please be sure to bookmark this section and use it as often as you like. Although we are still building this section we already list over 3,000 Indie Bands, 2,500 Music Industry Links, 350 College or Indie Radio Stations and over 5,000 Indie CD's.

    To have your band or Industry service added to our database simply visit the Contact Us section of this website and follow the directions.

    Back to the Ultimate Links Page

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  •   CD Baby
    CD Baby is simple, fun place to hear and buy independent music, advertising-free! You may notice the whole store has no advertising, and it never will. Everything is as simple as can be. No un-necessary policies, clutter, contracts, or formalities. The sound clips are nice and long for some REAL listening (2 minutes per song instead of the usual 30 seconds.) We do everything to help customers discover other music they might like, and make it as easy as possible to buy it!
    CD Baby is run by seven people who do this for FUN, not money, and it shows. Customers love it. Musicians love it. We love it, too.

  •   Peacework Music Net
    Don't underestimate the value of a "pretty" website. Our pages are clean and attractive and the text is legible. We don't weigh down the top and edges with advertisements and a lot of blinking distractions. The navigation is intuitive and all our links work. This assures a pleasant visit and a pleasant visit assures return visits. Our webmaster is a leader in the internet award community and has put the knowledge gained in over four years of service into this website. Your music will be well represented in a professional, aesthetic and easily-understood manner.

  •   RockIt Records & Recording
    RockIt Records & Recording , A Division of Heavygunz Enterprises Inc; is an independent record label founded by musicians for musicians. RR&R is devoted to promoting the finest musicians, bands, ensembles, and composers through the production of quality recordings for release on our label and the distribution of RockIt Records, as well as other labels. RR&R handles the ‘business’ part of the ‘Music Business’, allowing the Artist to focus on the Art.

    Founded by musicians for musicians, RR&R produces quality recordings for release on our label and the distribution of recordings released on RockIt Records, as well as other labels. RR&R also provides a full line of services for independent artists and other labels, including Production, Recording, Mastering, Graphic Design & Printing, Photography, CD Replication or Duplication. We'll treat your project with the same care as one of our own releases… 100% professionally.

  •   buythiscd.com
    Buythiscd.com is dedicated to the independent artist, an outlet by which CD products and artist merchandise can be sold to you the supportive fan. Every product found in our catalogue has been created by a wide variety of artists that oversee their own product development. In effect these talented and diligent artists are their own record labels and in many cases their own distribution.

    Buythiscd.com helps provide the link that enables you to sample the efforts of these artists and purchase their products. In addition these artists are touring, working musicians and on each artist’s page you will find touring information as to when and where you might be able to see these performers in concert. If you are an artist your self, then click here and find out how you can be listed and begin to benefit from the buythiscd community.

    Buythiscd.com is a world of discovery, a place where truly gifted performances are only a click away from showing up at your door and providing hours of listening enjoyment.

  •   IRIS Distribution
    IRIS represents the world's leading independent record labels. We provide comprehensive distribution and leverage out technology, superior marketing and quality catalog for preferential treatment in the marketplace. This results in successful releases and significantly increased sales.

    Dynamic Services: With all that's happening in the digital space today, it's important that your distributor has an eye on the future. We continuously develop our offerings to ensure you remain in the know and well represented.

    Expertise and Customer Service: Dedication to customer service is a hallmark of IRIS. Our staff has years of music industry experience and we know the difference it makes to speak to a real person. We return emails, we pick up the phone, we call YOU!

    Retail Reach: We continuously research new retailers and stay on top of emerging opportunities. We distribute to over 450 retail end points in over 85 countries. Whether it's a major retailer in the UK or an electronic outlet in Malaysia, a direct sales widget on Facebook or a mobile initiative in Canada you can rest assured that you are well positioned and completely covered

  •   Garageband.com
    Garageband is now combined with iLike.
    The iLike Artist Dashboard™ allows you to manage your presence on iLike, Facebook, and on the popular iLike Sidebar for iTunes. Music fans can add your music to their profiles, be alerted to concerts and new releases, and see what music and concerts their friends like. More than 200,000 leading artists are now using iLike to manage their online presence.

    •Manage your page and reach multiple networks
    •Add videos, songs, and events… get more fans
    •Access a detailed analytics dashboard to track results

  •   A&R Online
    There has been a tremendous amount of activity and movement within the A&R community over the last two months. Alex Luke and Michael Howe both join Dan McCarroll's West Coast A&R team at Capitol while writer/producer Mike Elizondo joins Rob Cavallo's A&R team at Warner Bros. The other addition to the Warner Bros. A&R team is former Jive A&R veteran Jeff Fenster who is returning to Los Angeles after nearly two decades in New York. Two additional transplants from NYC to LA are former J/Arista Sony Executive Larry Jackson who joins Jimmy Iovine's team at Interscope and Atlantic's Sam Riback who moves to the LA office. Meanwhile in NY, Adonis Sutherin joins Jive, Steve Lunt exists Atlantic and Ian Dench exists Epic. Longtime Motown A&R executive Lionel 'KK' Rosemond leaves to join indie powerhouse label E1 while in the UK, Mercury A&R executive Thomas Haimovici leaves to join the Warner Bros.-UK team.

  •  ; Galaxy CDS
    Welcome to Galaxy CDS! We're one of the last record stores standing in our area, so if you're into record stores you should definitely come check us out! Please visit our new location on the west side of Hamilton at 94 N. Brookwood Ave!

    If you're an artist, be it a painter, sculptor, or photographer, looking for a spot to showcase your work, we'd love to have your showing! We have hundreds of feet of wall space for hanging art, and significant floor space for other types of work.

    It's part of our vision for the new location to be involved in the arts community, and so far nobody has taken us up on it, be the first! We can display your work during our regular store hours, and if you'd like to host a special event we can do that for you as well. And best of all, it's absolutely FREE!

  •   Lightning CD Corporation
    A company that supports independent artists with national distribution of their CDs via digital network. It is available as a desktop application for home users. The Lightning CD concept makes music on demand both legal and convenient for users and eliminates substantial upfront costs and hassles for artists in the form of shipping and CD replication. EVERY ARTIST IS PAID A MINIMUM 50% OF THE PROFIT FROM EVERY SALE, beginning with the first! Every artist gets paid EVERY month.

    One Eleven Records is an Orlando based label concentrating on young up and coming rock bands. Established in 2002, with the founder's years of experience as a basis, 111 is constantly growing and evolving.

    Check out our ARTIST section to see and listen to some great bands and the NEWS link for all the latest happenings. Over the coming months and years, One Eleven Records hopes to be a label synonymous with important bands and amazing music. Thanks for visiting the site.

  •   Znfo
    Znfo.com is the only website that offers a carefree audio and visual experience. Take in the sounds and graphics of artists that care about you being positively stimulated and satisfied. Pick Znfo.com to sample music, buy CDs, review bios and photos of select artists, and register to receive e-news and pre-released music samples. Hey, take this time out to sit, relax and enjoy the experience on Znfo.com.

    Znfo.com is the only website that offers a carefree audio and visual experience. Take in the sounds and graphics of artists that care about you being positively stimulated and satisfied. Pick Znfo.com to sample music, buy CDs, review bios and photos..

  •   Music Builder
    MusicBuilder.com makes it simple for today’s emerging artists to gain the exposure they deserve. To submit material, all that an artist has to do is fill in a few blanks then upload their material in MP3 (MPEG Layer III) format. The site then adds them to our growing database of artists and creates them a personalized web page. Artists can even select to have their web page submitted to the internet's top five search engines automatically.

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