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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
Chris Patrick Chamblee on EvO:R

When the EvO:R organization was just starting out in the late 90's a hotshot session bass player from outside of Nashville contacted me and asked to be a part of our movement. His family tree was like a who's who in country music but this guy was a rocker. He sent me a press kit and a letter covering his history in the music industry and he was way over qualified to be part of our fledgling start-up but he persisted and we let him in. Chris has been instrumental in getting the EvO:R organization started and well on the way to success when he suddenly fell off the planet...Now he's back and I am please to present his story and his music.
..Charlie Harrelson, Founder of EvO:R.

Chris Patrick Chamblee coined the "godfather of new rock" upon his major label release in 1999 has been providing radio-oriented goth for the masses since 1998...check the charts at
Solo artist, singer, song writer, studio musician, producer, engineer, from indie label to major label, through the rise, fall, and painstaking return, this is the story of Chris Patrick Chamblee.

A mere mention of his name summons one word to mind. Determination. Many often find it hard to believe that an individual with so much going for him would encounter so many roadblocks during his career. " Don't pity me." Chris says, bearing his trademark half smile,"These type of things build character." Indeed, Chris's track record clearly stands on its own. With a history of being signed by four record labels, dozens of album credits, continuous world-wide chart rankings since 1998, and hundreds of live appearances, just what has kept Chris out of the limelight for so long?

Although he was seasoned studio musician at the age of twelve, and a production engineer by the age of sixteen the true story begins after Chris left Temple of Sin, later changed to T.O.S., a touring club band he fronted for four years. "I still love those guys, great talent and great friends. We giged three years non-stop, everynight. We played during the superbowl,during the world series, even Thanksgiving and Christmas. Such is the wiles of being young with nothing to lose." He laughs, "We had killer original material. We recorded an album on Gemini-Flare records, but I never saw the band going beyond the cover song stage."

Three months after leaving T.O.S., Chris signed with the small indie label Gifted Records. Though his one release with the label hardly set the world on fire, it did garner enough radio attention that other offers from bigger labels soon followed. As a result, Chris signed with 2lazy People Records in 1997. "2lazy Records was more like a family than a label. I was their only rock artist, so, I don't think they truely knew how to deal with me. I was also the youngest artist they ever signed. They all called me son or the kid and maybe I was a bit rebellious for my own good, but we had wonderful times together.", Chris recalls, "All the artist on the label helped each other, I came from a country/gospel background, I was also very fimiliar with being the black sheep, so it wasn't that big of a deal to jump in and play that style.

I played bass on several albums, drums on two or three, I can't remember how many artist I produced for the label, but six of them I remember very vividly. It may not have been my choice style, but we all worked great together, even if I was the outcast goth guy. When it came to recording my albums though, they were all lost. That worked very well for me at the time since I wanted to do it all by myself anyway." After the release of two albums, In a Fit of Envy(1997) and The Never Know What Shop(1998), Chris decided to leave 2lazy People Records.

In 1998 Chris's single Alone We Stand was released as part of the VMG Artist Series, eventually peaking at number 99 in the charts, remaining in the charts until 2005. This success was soon followed by the release of Art For Breakfast on Juke/VMG/WEA in 1999. An amazing nine singles charted worldwide from this album, five of them, including Words,which was released on Volume Two of the VMG Artist Series, are still charting this day in 2006( "Not bad for a long haired goth kid without a rotatated video I suppose." he laughs, "Actually we did make a video, but all the major music channels refused to air it. They gave the excuse that it was graffic. After all this time, I find out that sex, blood, rock and roll doesn't make good television. Who knew! We even went as far as making all the changes and edits they asked for only to be told that it was boring. My reply was, no, it's garbage, that's where it belongs. Sadly, that was the one that got aired on several stations. The fact that it wasn't rememberal has worked greatly in my advantage. I haven't attempted filming another." Despite this setback, the Art For Breakfast album was still a success.

In what seemed to be a very rewarding beginning, the Art For Breakfast tour was stopped short after Chris was the near victim of a failed attempt on his life. While taking time off for recovery from his already severe injuries, as well as going through a divorce, Chris found himself the victim of an accident that left him hovering near death. The situation was compounded even more when his newly restored 18th century Victorian style house and his newly remodeled digital studio were destroyed by a natural disaster. " That was a dark time for me." Chris recollects, "I wasn't even sure I wanted to get up and try again. I was in so much pain, mentally as well as physically. Everyone around me was giving me support, encouragement. All I could see was everything I worked for was totally gone in less than a month. I saw myself as the has been that hardly was." With this terrible turn of events, Chris dropped out of the public eye.

In 2004, three years after his disappearance, with no major press release and hardly any hoopla, Chris along with his new backing band Keyfactor, released Water U'r Wait'n 4 with The small venue tour promoting this album started off strong as a word of mouth campaign soon brought media attention as well as a return to the radio air waves, locally at first, quickly blossoming with each passing week and show. That was when disaster struck again. Mid-way through the Water U'r Wait'n Tour, while asleep in the back seat of a van on the way from his hotel room to a gig, Chris found himself the victim of yet another accident complicating his still un-healed injuries. This coupled with the fact of many legal issues surrounding the cause of the accident, Chris found himself unable to complete the rest of the tour. Media attention wained as radio quickly turned it's back on the Water U'r Wait'n 4 album and tour. "In hind-sight, I started the whole project way early." Chris recalls, "I was still walking with a cane. I would drop the cane at the side of the stage and do my best to do the show as if nothing was wrong. By the time I would get back to my room, my knee would be swelled three times its size. I would keep it constantly packed in ice until the next show. My bandmates, Dave, Mike, and Kip were absolute saints. They continually brought me ice, helped me get around, brought food to my room, made sure I always had a steady flow of Advil, like I said, they were absolute gold. When the accident happened, I felt like I had let them down. I wasn't in that great of a shape to begin with, I wasn't buckled up, so after the good thrashing around I took I couldn't walk. I could hardly brush my teeth and hair." he continues, "Fortunately, my bandmates had gone ahead of me in order to make sure everything was everything for the show that night. I was in a extrodinary amount of pain seeing as the temperature had dropped and it had started raining, they decided it would be best if they went ahead and sent the driver back for me closer to show time. When the driver arrived, I hobbled into the back seat, slapped an ice pack on me knee and dozed off. I don't recall much else." Once again, with life threatening injuries, and little chance of walking again, Chris vanished from the public eye.

August 2006, once again with no major press release, Chris Patrick Chamblee's Keyfactor releases the album Strange Visions with Completely healed, trial tested, road hardened, with a new enthusiasm, two packed house shows featuring support from local radio, along with a developing tour in the works, the story of Chris Patrick Chamblee continues......

•  The Tracks Across America Volume IV release titled Tracks Across Time featured a number of great moments in indie music but the two songs that really stand out for me where the songs that featured EvO:R founder Charie Harrelson aka TL2 on guitar working with "New Rock" artist Chris Patrick Chamblee. The combination of punk energy and an 80's new wave flair gave the listener a feeling of a wall of sound mixed with tribal simplicity. Chris's voice is soft yet punchy in the mix and the energy was one step short of extreme... Bill Carrera Review.
CD offers

Strange Visions: (2006)
by Chris Patrick Chamblee's Keyfactor

Strange Visions is the newest album....w/some old content...since Chris got the rights back to his older music he figured he should go ahead and re-record & use 'em and we are glad he did!
Song Samples Below- Click the song title to listen to a sample.
 /  magnet /  wait'n /  doorway /  enough /  i could /  how? /  tangerine /  find u /  song inside /  blue /  never ends / 

water u'r wait'n 4: (2004)
by Chris Patrick Chamblee's Keyfactor

With a strong mix of goth, rock, and metal flavors, radio style hooks, and a defiance not heard since the protest songs of the 60's. Chris Patrick Chamblee, coined "the godfather of new rock" upon his major label release in 1999, is back with a new group, sound, and perspective.
Song Samples Below- Click the song title to listen to a sample.
 /  relief /  seduce myself /  lonely times /  look me in the eyes /  someone else /  small minds /  u & me /  leave /  use it /  i don't feel / 

Art for Breakfast: (1999)
by Chris Patrick Chamblee's Keyfactor

Art For Breakfast is an album of belief; belief that a song matters more than how, when, or where it was recorded; belief that substance matters more than an hollow image, an empty fad, or a passing trend; belief that music is still the art that feeds the soul.
Song Samples Below- Click the song title to listen to a sample.
 / You Tonight  / It Comes Back Around  / Words  / Between the Lines  / Till the Lights Go Out  / Trust  / Hold It Against You  / Alone We Stand  / This Time  / Still
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