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When the decades have passed, no matter what becomes of internet-based performers or their music, EvOR is bound to be looked upon as one of the forefathers in the history of Web music's development...

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EVOR has almost 2,500 pages of music news, independent CD reviews, indie and major label artist CDs, music business tips, imported guitars and guitar building questions and answers.

Welcome to EVOR Entertainment
  •  The Virtual Kiosk CD Store

    Over 450 pages of CDs with more then 7,000 artists listed in this Virtual Mall.
    The EvO:R Virtual Kiosk has been responsible for over 10,000 Independent Artist CD sales since our launch. As an Independent Artist, CD sales are a vital part of the artists ability to continue to write and record quality music. EvO:R is proud of the fact that we have been instrumental in supporting the Independent Musician through our Virtual Kiosk.

    Due to this great success we have agreed to add Major Label Musicians to our Virtual Kiosk. This addition will make us a one stop shopping experience for anyone looking for great music. We will present great Independent music for buyers that want something that is different or out of the mainstream as well as the Major Label Musicians you already know from today and yesterday.

    We have teamed up with 2 online giants in order to deliver all this great music to you. We have CD Baby providing all the Independent Artists and our new partners CD Universe to give you the Major Label Musicians that you already know and love.

    The EvO:R Virtual Kiosk does not stock or sell the CDs, we simply list each CD by genre and link the visitor to websites such as CD Baby and CD Universe for the sale. In the future we will also bring Peacework Music Network into our Virtual Kiosk. Peacework Music Network is one of the best online retailers for the Independent Artist and will be another great addition to our growing collection of amazing music.

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  • -Independent Artists Listed by Genre.
    Looking for something out of the mainstream? Discover the excitement of Independent Music. Thanks to our partnership with CD Baby we can bring you thousands of great CDs from Independent Artists.

    Quick Links to the best selling Independent CD's

     [Best Selling CD's Ever
     [Best Selling CDs Now
     [Famous Artist's with side projects]
     [Rock Tribute Bands]
     [Top 10 sellers EVER]

    -Latest Independent Additions by Genre.

     [Newest Independent Arrivals]
     [Adult Contemporary]
     [More World Music]
     [Rock Tribute Bands]
     [Arena Rock]
     [Vocal Music]
     [Pop Vocals]
     [Totally Electric]

    -Featured Independent Avant Garde Artists.

     [Mixed Media]
     [Sound Art]
     [Electric Acoustic]
     [Sound Collage ]
     [Sound Sculpture]
     [Free Improvisational]

    -Featured Independent Easy Listening Artists.

     [Background Music]
     [Lounge Music]
     [Adult Contemporary]
     [Vocal Music]
     [Vocal Harmony]
     [Barber Shop Quartet Music]
     [Musicals II]
     [Mood Music]
     [Exotic Music]

    -Featured Independent Blues Artists.
    Becky Barksdale
Real Live
© 1999 Spinout Records (634479559211)
     [Blues-Top Picks]
     [Blues-West Coast]

    -Featured Christmas and Childrens Music.

     [Educational Music]
     [Childrens Music]
     [Childrens Stories]
     [Christmas ]
     [Seasonal Music

    -Featured Independent Classical Music.
    Mark Orton
Sweet Land Original soundtrack from the motion picture Sweet Land.
     [Classical Mozart ]
     [Classical (New Age)
     [Classical Bach ]
     [Classical Contemporary
     [Classical Beethoven ]
     [Classical 20th Century
     [Classical Aria's]
     [Chamber Music]

    -Featured Independent Country Artists.

    Keni Thomas
Hero Fund
© 2003 MMG

All proceeds from this special CD will benefit the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. Keni Thomas,
 a former Army Ranger and lead singer of the country rock band Cornbread, wrote  [Country-Blues]
     [Gospel Contemporary ]
     [Traditional Gospel]
     [Modern Country]

    -Featured Independent Electronic Artists.

Sound,Motion. Theater.
© 2004 Matthew Louis Tardy (634479328688
From upbeat pop melodies and funk-soul rhythms to big beat breaks and movie score crescendos - 
AudioBody is like nothing you've ever heard.
 [Electronic-Dance ]
     [Electronic-Experimental ]
     [Electronic-House Mix ]
     [Electronic-Industrial ]
     [Electronic-Techno ]
     [Electronic-Trip Hop ]
     [Electronic-Trance ]
     [Totally Electric]

    -Featured Independent Flavaz. David Myles
Things Have Changed
© 2006 David Myles (775020732421)

“Things Have Changed” features horns reminiscent of Al Green’s soul music, Mississippi John Hurt-style finger-picking, and a rich vocal that falls somewhere between Chet Baker and Paul Simon.

     [Flavaz-Hip Hop Music]
     [Flavaz-Rap ]
     [Flavaz-Funk ]
     [Flavaz-Gospel ]
     [Flavaz-Hip Hop ]
     [Flavaz-R & B ]
     [Flavaz-Soul ]

    -Featured Independent Folk Artists. Zingo Zango
Generic Jug Band
© 1994 Jug Band Music (format: CD-R)

CD price: $13.00
CD IN STOCK. ORDER NOW. Will ship immediately


    -Featured Independent Religious Artists.

     [Spiritual-Inspiration ]
     [Southern Gospel]
     [Spiritual Hebrew]
     [Christian Rock]
     [Spiritual Hymns]
     [Spiritual Praise]

    -Featured Independent Jazz Artists. 
Fine Tunes
The Complete Fine Tunes CFT4
© 2005 Mark Whitty/AMCOS Aust (634479228940)
Originals tracks 1 to 15 are swinging vocal tributes to early Melbourne musos, while 16 t0 24
 are early jazz a la Jelly Roll Morton/Louis Armstrong hot five.tracks

     [Jazz-Big Band ]
     [Jazz-Dixieland ]

    -Featured Independent Metal Artists.

     [Metal-Heavy ]
     [Metal-Progressive Rock CD]
     [Metal-Power Metal]
     [Metal-Progressive Metal]
     [Metal-Classic Rock]
     [Metal-80's Metal]
     [Metal-Modern Rock]
     [Metal-Industrial Metal]
     [Metal-Speed Metal]

    -Featured Independent Mood Music.

     [Love Songs]
     [Mood Music CD's]

    -Featured Independent New Age Artists.

    Liquid Mind
Liquid Mind IV: Unity © 2000 Chuck Wild Records (794248652120)
Relaxation music at its best. Perfect background for massage, meditation, healing, yoga, pilates, reiki, shiatsu, tai chi or reflexology.
     [Energy Healing]
     [Nature CD's]
     [Spoken Word]
     [World Music-Native American]
     [World Music-New Age]
     [World Music-Reggae]
     [World Music-World Music]

    -Featured Independnent Pop Artists. Vinyl Kings
Time Machine
© 2005 Vinyl Kings Records (824221640223)
What if the Beatles and the Beach Boys found themselves in a studio together A Revolver meets Pet Sounds experience.
     [Pop-Rock CD's]
     [Pop Vocals]

    -Featured Independent Rock Music Artists.

    Melissa Ferrick
- Valentine Heartache
Acoustic folk with lots of rock and roll.  [Rock-Top Picks]
     [Rock-Soft ]
     [Rock-60's ]
     [Rock-80's CD's]
     [80's-Top Picks]
     [Country Rock]
     [Christian Rock]
     [Hard Rock Music]
     [Boggie Rock]
     [Arena Rock]
     [Rock Tribute Bands CD's]

    -Featured Independent World Music Artists.

LogRhythm Music
Brain Massage II
© 2007 LogRhythm Music (606041294424)
Takes the listener on a blissful, relaxing journey featuring didjeridoo, synthesizer, and hang.

 [World Music-Africian]
     [World Music-Ambient]
     [World- American Popular]
     [World Music-Celtic ]
     [World Music-Celtic New Age]
     [World Music-Meditation]
     [World Music-Native American]
     [World Music-New Age]
     [World Music-Reggae]
     [World Music- Top Picks]
     [World Music-World Fusion CD's]
     [World Music- Chant]  
     [World Music- Drumming]
     [World Music- Pipe Bands] :
     [World Music- Polka
     [World New Age- Top Picks]
    -Major Label Artists Listed by Genre.
    Looking for your favorite Major label Artists? We have them! Our partnership with CD Universe allows us to display CDs (and vinyl) titles as well as rare imports from your favorite Artists. This is a music lovers dream come true.

    -Major Label- Box Sets
    Ultimate Yes: 35th Anniversary Collection CD
     [The Beatles Box Set]
     [Led Zepplin Box Set]
     [Stevie Ray Vaughn Box Set]
     [Queen Box Set]
     [Journey Box Set]
     [The Rolling Stones Box Set]
     [Stevie Nicks Box Set]
     [Jimmy Buffett Box Set]
     [The Nuggets Box Set]
     [The Doors Box Set]
     [Bob Dylan Box Set]
     [Yes Box Set]

    -Featured Major Label Blues Artists-
    Listed by sub-genres

    Mike Bloomfield / Al Kooper / Steve Stills
Super Session CD album (1968) Bonus Tracks; Remastered  [Blues-Top Sellers]

    -Featured Major Label Classical CDs
    Listed by Composer.

     [Classical Collections]
     [Classical Bach]
     [Classical Beethoven]
     [Classical Brahms]
     [Classical Debussy]
     [Classical Mozart]

    -Featured Major Label Country Music Artists-
    Listed by sub-genres

     [Country-Top Sellers]
     [Country-Honky Tonk]
     [Country-Greatest Hits]
     [Country-Early Years]

    -Featured Major Label Christian Artists-
    Listed by sub-genres.

    Steven Curtis Chapman-Speechless  [Christian- Top Sellers
     [Christian- Metal
     [Christian- Collections
     [Christian- Rock
     [Christian- Rap
     [Christian- Spiritual
     [Christian- Gospel
     [Christian- Christmas
     [Southern Gospel
     [Christian- Easter

    -Featured Major Label Electronic and Dance Artists-
    Listed by sub-genres.

    Paul Van Dyk Global CD (2003) Bonus DVD  [Electronic-Top Sellers
     [Electronic-Euro Techno
     [House New York
     [Dance- Top Sellers]
     [Dance-Gold Disco
     [Dance-Line Dance

    -Featured Major Label Folk Artists-
    Listed by sub-genres.

    Alison Krauss Live CD  (2002)  [Folk-British
     [Folk-British Rock

    -Featured Major Label Hard Edge/Alt. Artists-
    Listed by sub-genres.

    Breaking Benjamin Dear Agony CD  (2009)
     [Avante Garde
     [Alternative Rock Top Sellers
     [Hard Edge-Industrial
     [Hard Edge-Punk]
     [Hard Edge-Gothic
     [Hard Edge-Garage Band
     [Hard Edge-Grunge

    -Featured Major Label Jazz Artists-
    Listed by sub-genres.

    Diana Krall-Quit Nights  [Jazz-Top Sellers

    -Featured Major Label Metal Artists-
    Listed by sub-genres.

    Dream Theater Chaos In Motion: 2007-2008 CDs  (2008) With DVD; Deluxe Collectors Edition
 [Metal-Top Sellers]
     [Metal-Death Metal]
     [Metal-Rap Metal]

    -Featured Major Label Pop Artists-
    Listed by sub-genres.

    Susan Boyle I Dreamed A Dream CD  (2009)
 [Pop-Top Sellers]

    -Featured Major Label Rock Artists-
    Listed by sub-genres.

    David Lee Roth Diamond Dave CD  [Rock-Rockabilly
     [Rock-New Wave

    -Featured Major Label World Artists-
    Listed by sub-genres.

    Maximum The Hormone Buiikikaesu CD  (2007) (Import)

 [World-Top Sellers
     [World-New Age

    -Featured Major Label Misc Artists-
    Listed by sub-genres.

    Chick Corea My Spanish Heart CD  (1976) Remastered  [Keyboard Music]
     [Old Skool]
     [Wedding Music]
     [Super Audio CDs]
     [Box Set CDs]

    -Featured Major Label Artists-
    Listed by Decade.

     [Artists from the 90s]
     [Artists from the 80s]
     [Artists from the 70s]
     [Artists from the 60s]
     [Artists from the 50s]

    -Featured Major Label Artists-

     [Vinyl-New Releases]

    -Featured Major Label Funk/Soul Artists-
    Listed by Sub-Genre

     [Motown-Top Sellers]
     [Funk Music]
     [R&B Music]
     [Soul Music]

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    Charlie Harrelson
    Charlie Harrelson- Founder of EvO:R and solo guitarist TL2
    The Independent Music world has become so fragmented that anyone entering into this arena will be lost without having a chance of survival. What every independent musicians needs is information, understanding and a path that leads to success. Sure, you can buy a few books from authors that never played a note or loaded a single amp into a moving van. Pipe dreams are all over the Internet.

    At EvO:R we pride ourselves with sections dedicated to Independent Music News and ours is called
    (The EvO:R Street Journal). Musicians need suggestions so we created the Musicians Success Stories and Tips called (EvO:R-pedia). If that wasn't good enough we created a Musicians Testimonial Section called (The Goods) dedicated to Internet based companies that deliver on their promises.

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    Charlie Harrelson
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