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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
Rick Andrews and other experts answers guitar repair questions
For almost one year, guitar luther Rick Andrews answered your guitar repair questions. After recieving over 500 questions we put together the most popular questions and answers. Today, we are involving other great guitar builders and will continue to expand this area in the future. This section will no longer be interactive but you should find most of your guitar building and repair questions have already been answered in this section.

Special Note!
We are now stocking and selling electric guitar kits. By establishing a working relationship with two manufacturing plants we now offer many electric guitar kits. Some of the styles include the Telecaster, Stratocaster, Explorer, Flying V, Les Paul, PRS, and the Warlock. More will be added every couple months. If you are looking to find an inexpensive alternative to purchasing a new guitar you might want to consider a guitar kit from your friends at EvO:R.

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  •   Set Guitar Action - Take the Right Steps
    By Mark Benfort

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    There are various things one should adjust before strumming away melodiously on the guitar. Guitar has many components that include the strings, the fret board, the saddles and the tuning keys. Even if one particular component is adjusted incorrectly or is damaged, the overall sound produced from the guitar would be affected. Before beginning to play the guitar, one must set guitar action properly; otherwise one might end up with buzzing noise or high pressure on the fingers.

    The first thing one must ensure is that the bridge is not too high or low and that the space between the strings and the fret board is appropriate. If the strings are too high, one might need to apply lot of pressure to play the guitar. If the strings are very low, it might cause rattling sound, because of them hitting the fret board often. This can be adjusted by turning the truss rod in clockwise or anticlockwise direction depending on whether one wants to reduce or increase the height. The strings must be in proper playing condition too. Those strings which are out of tune should be replaced immediately.

    The frets should not usually have deep scratches or grooves. Similarly loose necks, bridges or braces can ruin the melody of the guitar and hence be fixed. Guitars are usually manufactured under properly controlled environment. They tend to get affected by high humidity, which might cause the wood to swell or lack of moisture which causes it to shrink. The strings themselves may expand or contract because of the changing temperatures.

    The string gauge will also affect the action. Increased tension will raise the pitch and vice-versa. One should be aware what gauge to use. String tension and gauge also affect the neck of the guitar. You can set guitar action by adjusting the truss rod and the saddle too. Usually the saddle adjusters are raised just enough to avoid the buzz sound. Lowering the action or tightening the truss rod increases the pitch of the guitar. Lastly, different brands of strings suit different guitars so one should be careful while choosing strings and their gauge.

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