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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
Rick Andrews and other experts answers guitar repair questions
For almost one year, guitar luther Rick Andrews answered your guitar repair questions. After recieving over 500 questions we put together the most popular questions and answers. Today, we are involving other great guitar builders and will continue to expand this area in the future. This section will no longer be interactive but you should find most of your guitar building and repair questions have already been answered in this section.

Special Note!
We are now stocking and selling electric guitar kits. By establishing a working relationship with two manufacturing plants we now offer many electric guitar kits. Some of the styles include the Telecaster, Stratocaster, Explorer, Flying V, Les Paul, PRS, and the Warlock. More will be added every couple months. If you are looking to find an inexpensive alternative to purchasing a new guitar you might want to consider a guitar kit from your friends at EvO:R.

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  •  How to Lower the Action on the Guitar
    By Mark Benfort

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    Playing a musical instrument is a creative art, and anything that's related to creation needs to be with executed with complete ease and mental peace. When you play the guitar, exclusive knowledge about the music is not really enough. You also need to be well versed with the operation and maintenance of your instrument, so that you know it better. The more playable your guitar is, the richer will be the quality of music produced. If you feel an intense sharp shooting pain in your fingers every time you play the guitar, you might need to perform some vital action adjustments to correct it. Mostly, you need to learn how to lower the action on the guitar.

    The "action" of the guitar is actually the distance between the strings and the fretboard. In case the guitar has a very high action, i.e. the distance between the two is quite a bit, it becomes extremely difficult to play it. In some cases the strings of the guitar are a little above the neck, this causes the fingers to hurt. Therefore you need to lower the action by reducing the distance between t he strings and fretboard to make the instrument more user- friendly.

    Now, the most important question is where to perform the necessary adjustments in order to lower the action on the guitar? Well, each string is provided with two threaded pegs below it, which determine the height of the string with respect to the fretboard. The point of connection of the string with the bridge is the place where the adjustment takes place. The height of the strings u ltimately has a huge impact on the quality of the music produced.

    At the outset, you need to loosen the strings of your guitar. This will enable you to check the adjustments, on completion. The goals should be clearly etched in your mind, before starting on the actual adjustments. A wrongly carried out adjustment, can be really difficult to undo. In this case, the aim is to lower the action on the guitar. Therefore, you need to move the strings closer to the fretboard. So you have to tighten the threaded pegs provided with each string one by one. It's the simplest possible way to lower guitar action.

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