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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
Rick Andrews and other experts answers guitar repair questions
For almost one year, guitar luther Rick Andrews answered your guitar repair questions. After recieving over 500 questions we put together the most popular questions and answers. Today, we are involving other great guitar builders and will continue to expand this area in the future. This section will no longer be interactive but you should find most of your guitar building and repair questions have already been answered in this section.

Special Note!
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  •   Subject: guitar problems
    dear sir, I have some difficulty in setting the right height of my Les Paul guitar because it vibrates with the fret when it's too low and it is difficult to play if it is set too high. What can I do?

  • Ricks Answer to - guitar problems

    That's something fairly normal with many guitars that are not properly set up at the factory. It really needs to be carefull set up and adjusted and like the frets need to be dressed down until in true alignment. You will have have that done by someone who knows and has such experience. The people at your nearest music store should be able to tell you where to take it to have this done or they may even have a man there at the store who is qualified.

    I would not suggest trying this yourself unless you have experience before on a much cheaper guitar. It is neccessary the geometryis right for the guitar to play properly. Also it is not something that would be very expensive to have done normally unless something really bad happened to the guitar. Hope this will help you.
    Rick Andrews
    Andrews Guitar

  • Problem with high E string
    Hi Rick,
    I have a Schecter electric guitar and the high E string starts going flat when I play on the 5th fret and higher. This does not happen on any of the other 5 strings. Any thoughts on what I can do to correct this problem?
    Thank You,
    Peter Keenan
  • Ricks Answer to - Problem with high E string

    Hello Peter,
    I think this is a simple matter of setting the intonation. You move the bridge saddle of the string toward the guitar which shortens the string length when it plays flat. When a string plays sharp you make the string length longer by moving ther bridge saddle toward the outter direction of the guitar.

    If you have an electronic tuner you set each string in tune using the tuner on the open note of each string. TYhen when you get a true reading on that note for instance the high E string, then fret the sdame string again at the 12th fret and it should give you the one octive higher E. At the 12th fret it should read Dead on E. If it reads flat or sharp at the 12th fret then you need to adjust the bridge saddles as mentioned above.

    When it reads dead on the note at the open note and also dead on at the 12th fret then the intonation should be perfect in all other notes played. Do this same thing on all 6 strings and your intonation should be correct.
    Rick Andrews
    Andrews Guitar

  • Subject: Les Paul Issue
    Hey Rick,
    I recently picked up a new 68 Les Paul custom Historic. I had it professional set-up done but I’m still not happy with it. It doesn’t have the sustain my old 72 Custom had as well as nice action. I could bend the hell out of my 9’s on the 72 and it would hold a not all day long …..and never go out of tune! I am constantly retuning the 68 reissue! Any suggestions?
  • Ricks Answer to - Les Paul Issue

    Well Rich,
    There are some thoughts running around between my ears on this. Pickups, frets, nut, and bridge saddles, and strings. It has to be one or more of these. The pickups may not be as hot or wound for more power as your other guitar. The frets may be considereably smaller which can sometimes take away from the sustain. The nut may be plastic whereas your older guitar may have had solid bone carved nut which will sustain much better. In this case the bridge saddles are probably made of metal similar to the older guitar but the harder the metal, the more sustain. The strings may be smaller guage or a brand that has less projection than the strings you had on the other guitar. The newer guitars are built faster factory based for volume sales also and the quality may just not be as was years ago.

    If you ever play a truely hand made custom guitar from someone that taked the time effort and knowledge and puts all he can into it, you will never go back to a factory volume made guitar. There is so much difference and even though they cost more they are more than worth the difference. The factory just can't afford to personalize their output of guitars anymore to suit every player. They just swish them out the door on the floor in the store and ready to sell.

    But that guitar can be made to do what you want if someone takes the time to make all the changes. Anyway those are the things that should make the difference. Hope this helps you.
    Rick Andrews
    Andrews Guitar

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