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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
Rick Andrews and other experts answers guitar repair questions
For almost one year, guitar luther Rick Andrews answered your guitar repair questions. After recieving over 500 questions we put together the most popular questions and answers. Today, we are involving other great guitar builders and will continue to expand this area in the future. This section will no longer be interactive but you should find most of your guitar building and repair questions have already been answered in this section.

Special Note!
We are now stocking and selling electric guitar kits. By establishing a working relationship with two manufacturing plants we now offer many electric guitar kits. Some of the styles include the Telecaster, Stratocaster, Explorer, Flying V, Les Paul, PRS, and the Warlock. More will be added every couple months. If you are looking to find an inexpensive alternative to purchasing a new guitar you might want to consider a guitar kit from your friends at EvO:R.

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  •  A question about Glue
    I have a Gibson 55er, a re-issue Les Paul from the early 70's. (72 I think) I've owned it since the late seventies and play it for a living. It's probably the lightest Les in the world because about 15 yrs ago I shaved the back of the body to about 1/2 the thickness! Crazy kids. Anyway, I have gigged with the guitar in so many humid climes that it now needs a neck reset. Any tips on removing the neck and determining the proper angle. What kind of glue? I have broken the headstock too many times to count and have always used regular carpenters glue. Thanks!
    Doug Horner

  •   Rick Andrews Answers Your Question Below.
    Well Doug,
    That is interesting. The glue you have been using is good stuff but I would suggest using Titebond wood glue. It is much better. I started many years ago using Elmer's wood glue. It did good but today's glues are so much better.
    Now for part two of your question on the resetting the neck:
    If the glue job holds well and you decide to stay with the present neck then I suggest very carefully using a needle and very hot water to begin opening the glue seam. It is a slow process. Once you have melted the glue loose then you have to wiggle the neck around and back and forth until you get it loose enough to come out just like a dentist pulling a tooth. You can make a wood shim sloping from front to back thinning at the edge as thin as paper and get thicker toward the other edge. Glue the shim to the bottom of the neck block and then reglue the neck into position. That will be a good solid glue joint again as well as provide the new angle you need. Of course you are looking at a refinish job too.
    Rick Andrews, Andrews Guitar

  •   Truss rod on a Strat
    I was checking out your page and have a question regarding a problem I've encountered with my truss rod on my Strat that I'm curious if you've ever seen. The dark wood at the bottom of the headstock through which one accesses the truss rod seems to have cracked out of itself and is sticking up about 1mm out of the head stock. Have you ever seen anything like that or know what may have caused it?
    Thank you kindly.
    Steve Siegel

  •   Rick Andrews Answers Your Question Below.
    Well Steve, It sounds like the glue did not hold or the wood developed a strees crack alongside the glue seam. You may want to consider taking a digital photograph and email it to me so I can see more precisely what is happenng there. I would rather give you a solid answer worthwhile and I I believe this is a very good question. Send me a photo and I'll take it from there.
    Rick Andrews
    Andrews Guitar

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