Ask Rick Andrews

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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  The Ask Rick Andrews Section

    Rick Andrews Answers Your Guitar Questions
    Hello, this is Rick Andrews owner of Andrews Guitar and a long time member of EvO:R. This section has been put together to help you with your guitar related questions. I did not agree to do this so I could simply plug my guitars, I did this so you could finally have answers to many of those burning questions you may have had about your guitar.

    OK, I do get a small plug!
    Join The Team of Professional Choice . . Andrews Guitar! Come In And See What State Of The Art and Quality Is! Let Us Build The Ultimate Dream Guitar For You!
    or call us at (615) 826-3317
    Andrews Guitar - 103 Crestview Dr.
    Hendersonville, Tennessee. 37075

  •  Questions about a Fretless bass neck

    Hi my name is Evan and my question is:
    If you are leaving your bass out on a stand is there a recommened humidity and temperature level the room should be at (so I heard)? Thanks so much for your time and help!!!!!!!!

  •   Rick Andrews Answers Your Question Below.

    Answers for Evan:

    Well Evan,
    I am probably the most picky about those things than anyone else and I feel it should not be a problem. I have a friend who collects guitars and has many expensive ones. He keeps his room at the prefered temperauture and hunidity levels. Very expensive humidity equipment. This is not something I would want to do. May sound strange but my reasoning is that the same instruments he takes out to play at various places.

    Well the places he plays does not have this environment and neither does his vehicle he carries them in. So what happens is they are pefect until he takes therm out then he used to bring them to me wanting me to fix them and make them stablize. I keep my instruments in average home conditions in temp around the 70 degree range and let the hunidity do what it will. I set them up to average conditions so if I go anywhere they will be fairly close to that average range. That way they won't move out as far or so extreme from normal and also I believe if they are made with the quality they should be then it will balance without going too far from the normal.

    I actually try to build my guitars for my clients at same conditions they will be used in as much as possible. They hold up well that way. If I were going to fly over the ocean salt water and extreme damp areas or especially take a boat on the ocean then I would use a well insulated flight case with a built in humidifier but otherwise I would not worry too much. A good instrument should be able to take it.

    Rick Andrews, Andrews Guitar

    EvO:R is proud to say that we know Rick Andrews personally and we are very excited about his willingness to answer all your guitar related questions.

    Visit Rick at Andrews!

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