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Welcome to EvOR Entertainment
EVOR founder Charlie Harrelson with Bo Bo the wonder dog. Photo by Nancy Harrelson. Click this image to 
hear Charlie's solo guitar work under the name TL2
  •  The Guitar Questions and Answers Section

    Experts answers guitar building, painting and repair questions.
    For almost one year, guitar luther Rick Andrews answered your guitar repair questions. After recieving over 500 questions we put together the most popular questions and answers. Today, we are involving other great guitar builders and will continue to expand this area in the future. This section will no longer be interactive. You still should be able to find all of your guitar building and repair questions answered in this section. We have also posted video instructions for building many of our guitar kits.

    Special Note!
    We are now stocking and selling electric guitar kits. By establishing a working relationship with various manufacturing plants we now offer a number of high quality electric guitar kits. Some of the styles include the Telecaster, Stratocaster, Explorer, Flying V, Les Paul, PRS, Jem and the Warlock. More will be added as they become available. If you are looking to find an inexpensive alternative to purchasing a new guitar you might want to consider a guitar kit from your friends at EvOR.
  •  See the guitar Kits Here

  • Guitar Kit Building

    Building a Tele Kit Series

  •   Building a Tele Kit pt1
  •   Building a Tele Kit pt2
  •   Building a Tele Kit pt3
  •   Building a Tele Kit pt4
  •   Building a Tele Kit pt5
  •   Building a Tele Kit pt6
  •   Tele Wiring Video

    Building a Strat Kit Series

  •   Easiest Guitar to Build
  •   Building Strat Kit
  •   Strat style set up

    Misc. Building Series

  •   Setting Strings Height
  •   Understanding Ground Loops
  •   Truss Rod Adjustment
  •   Neck Tilt

    all videos are provided by YouTube.com

    EVOR Kit Wire Diagrams

  •   EVOR Tele Kit - Diagram
  •   Wiring a Tele Guitar Video
  •   EVOR Explorer Kit - Diagram
  •   EVOR Les Paul Kit - Diagram
  •   Les Paul Wiring Video
  •   EVOR Flying V Kit - Diagram
  •   EVOR PRS Kit - Diagram
  •   EVOR RG Kit - Diagram
  •   EVOR Warlock Kit - Diagram
  •   Wiring a Stratocaster - Video
  •   Strat tone wiring - Video

  • Guitar Kit Building

    Building a Les Paul Kit Series

  •   Les Paul Kit
  •   Les Paul Kit II
  •   Les Paul Bridge and Tail Piece
  •   Building a Les Paul Part 1
  •   Les Paul Guitar Kit Part 2
  •   Les Paul Guitar Kit Part 3
  •   Les Paul Guitar Kit Part 4
  •   Les Paul Guitar Kit Part 5
  •   Les Paul Guitar Kit Part 6

    Building an SG Kit Series

  •   Building A Guitar
  •   Build an SG Part 1
  •   Build an SG Part 2
  •   Build an SG Guitar Part 3

    General Build Videos

  •   Handmade SG type guitar
  •   Drill holes for the bridge

    all videos are provided by YouTube.com

    Fret Dressing and Set up Tips

  •   Guitar Fret Dressing Part 1
  •   Guitar Fret Dressing Part 2
  •   Level a high fret
  •   Level and Dress Guitar Frets
  •   Action and Intonation
  •   Set the intonation

    Soldering Instructions

  •   Wiring Up Guitar Electronics
  •   Proper Soldering Technique
  •   Soldering a Guitar Cable
  •   Screw Up Guitar Electronics
  •   Solder Ground Connections

  • Painting A Guitar

    Expert Advice of Guitar Painting

  •   Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish
  •   Classic Sunburst Finish
  •   Guitar Skin Application Video
  •   Color burst a guitar
  •   Blue burst a Les Paul
  •   Spray Paint Art
  •   "the tribal" paint job
  •   Guitar Painting
  •   Custom Painting
  •   10 steps to painting
  •   The Sunburst Finish
  •   Clear Coat
  •   Staining The Body
  •   Spray paint or paint gun
  •   Paint an EVH Guitar
  •   Skull and Bones guitar
  •   Painting a Les Paul - Zakk Wylde
  •   Zakk Wylde - painting II
  •   Les Paul Wiring
  •   Painting (Quick Method)

    all videos are provided by YouTube.com

    A Series by Joseph Tubb

  •   Painting Your Guitar I
  •   Painting Your Guitar II
  •   Painting Your Guitar III
  •   Painting Your Guitar IV
  •   Painting Your Guitar V
  •   Painting Your Guitar VI
  •   Painting Your Guitar VII
  •   Painting Your Guitar VIII
  • The Latest Guitar Repair and Building Tips from many Leading Experts on the Subject

  •   Why the bridge is angled on a Les Paul Guitar By Open Source
  •   Everything You Know About Guitars Is Wrong By Sharon Clott
  •   How to Lower the Action on the Guitar By Mark Benfort
  •   Set Guitar Action - Take the Right Steps By Mark Benfort
  •   How to Set Intonation on Your Guitar By Paul Benfort Harrison
  •   Telecaster Guitar Intonation - Near Perfect But Never Perfect By Jennifer Mustang
  •   Proper Guitar Intonation Setup By Jennifer Mustang
  •   Guitar Action Setup - Setting Up the Electric Guitar By Jennifer Mustang
  •   3 Ways to Customize Your Guitar Neck By Jake Whylam
  •   Attempting to Replace the Guitar Pickup Setup By Jennifer Mustang
  • Guitar Building and Repair

  •   Vintage Mustang Finish
  •   Dents and Scratches
  •   Pot Wiring Options
  •   Neck Adjustment Issue
  •   Pickup soldering Issue
  •   Fender Bass neck crack?
  •   Guitar wiring question
  •   Making my own Les Paul
  •   Les Paul pickups and body
  •   A Classic Les Paul
  •   Painting a Guitars
  •   Fender Bass Care
  •   Custom Work
  •   Pickup Height Adjustment
  •   Glue for Guitar Repair
  •   Wiring headache

  • Guitar String Questions

  •  "G" string makes a disharmonic sound
  •   String Tension Question
  •   Fender Strat Intonation
  •   String Stretching
  •   String Intonation
  •   String Tension 2
  •   Comfortable String Action
  •   String Height on Bass
  •   Strings for Nylon Guitar
  •   Changing Strings
  •   Strings Gauges
  •   String Tension
  •   Changing my bass strings
  •   keeping strings in tune

  • Truss Rod Questions

  •   Broken Trush Rod
  •   Stripped truss rod nut
  •   Truss rod is totally loose
  •   Gibson Truss Rod
  •   Intonation Problems
  •   Truss rod on a Strat
  •   Strat Truss Rod Nut
  •   Truss Rod Adjustment 1
  •   How loose or tight
  •   Truss Rod Adjustment 2
  •   Single action Truss Rods
  •   Truss Rod damage
  •   Double Action Truss Rod
  •   Ibanez Truss Rod
  •   Broken Truss Rod on Bass
  •   Stratocaster Truss Rod

  • Guitar Wiring and Repair

  •   Piezo Wiring Question
  •   Guitar Wiring Question
  •   Pot Wiring Options
  •   Neck Discoloration
  •   Broken Truss Rod
  •   Fender Bass Care
  •   Fender Bass Care
  •   Broken Headstock
  •   Tailpiece Height
  •   Considering Upgrades

  • General Questions

  •   Les Paul Tuning/Setup
  •   Guitar/Amp--hum
  •   A Sound Question
  •   Guitar Tone Explored
  •   Make a Les Paul guitar?
  •   Stripped allen head
  •   Tuning verses weather
  •   Guitar repair Question
  •   Staying in Tune
  •   Line 6 Question
  •   Making a Saddle
  •   Pickguard Static
  •   Steel Guitar Tuning
  •   Tonebusters Compared
  • Frets and Neck Questions

  •   Fret Buzz 101
  •   SG Neck Break
  •   Fret and Nut Question
  •   Fretboard Issues
  •   c shaped neck
  •   Rickenbacker Neck Issues
  •   Proper neck set-up
  •   One or more piece neck?
  •   Ibanez crack in body
  •   Neck Replacement
  •   Warped Neck Issues
  •   Necks and Weather
  •   "V" neck vs "C" shaped
  •   Back Shape of Neck
  •   Fretless Bass Neck
  •   Neck Curvature
  •   L5 Fretboard Question

  • Looking to build a new guitar? EvOR now stocks imported guitar kits from the most popular models around. Every guitar kit is built to a very high standard which ultimatly delivers superior sound quality and amazing playablity.

    Visit the Guitar Kits Pages Today!

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